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Frank The Pug - Men In Black

A barking mad new survey has found that sausage dogs are Hollywood box office gold, making more money per appearance than even ‘Fast & Furious’ and ‘Jumanji’ star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Dachshunds have been revealed as the highest-grossing dog breed in movie history, according to new research by Regatta.

The outdoor clothing brand analysed over 400 movies in which dogs play a prominent role to discover which breeds audiences enjoy watching the most.

Their research discovered films starring Daschunds grossed an average of $278 million, making these adorable sausage dogs a huge box office draw.

That is even more money than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson, whose average box office grosses are $266 million and $201 million respectively.

Dachshunds have been seen in movies such as ‘Toy Story 3’, ‘Open Season 2’ and ‘Curious George’.


In second place were pugs, which have featured in blockbusters such as ‘Men In Black’, ‘Norbit’ and ‘I Love You, Man’.

This breed grossed an average of $264 million per appearance, according to the research by Regatta.

Just behind them in third place were golden retrievers, which made a noteworthy appearance in last year’s box office smash ‘The Art Of Racing In The Rain’.

Its appearance in the film may have been one of the reasons for its success as movies starring golden retrievers gross an average of $249 million.

The top ten is:

  1. Dachshunds – $278m
  2. Pugs – $264m
  3. Golden Retrievers – $249m
  4. Dalmatians – $212m
  5. Bearded Collies – $193m
  6. Jack Russell Terriers – $168m
  7. Border Terriers – $172m
  8. Chihuahuas – $154m
  9. Bull Terriers – $139m
  10. Bulldogs – $133m

The research was conducted by analysing the worldwide box office performance for 400 hundred films featuring a dog in a prominent role.

Regatta, who conducted the research, is an outdoor brand whose product range includes a variety of dog products such as collars, jackets, leads, toys and bowls.