A weekend or so ago, we said goodbye to Printworks with the likes of Denis Sulta, Dan Shake, and DJ Boring giving the iconic London venue one of many sendoffs.

Since the announcement that the venue will be turned into most likely soul-destroying corporate offices, each event has felt somewhat nostalgic and slightly emotional for those that have made core memories in this venue.

As someone like myself whose been in the industry for almost eight years now, it’s incredibly heartbreaking to see Printworks become a victim in London’s clubbing scene closures.

The venues that are unfortunately falling victim to closures have exposed the electronic and DnB scene to more music lovers around the globe and have influenced the next generation of artists however since writing this piece it was announced that Printworks will be back in the next few years.

DJ Boring and Dan Shake were the perfect additions to the Denis Sulta night. As expected the room was packed from front to back with no space to dance, just squished together and facing towards the DJs unless you were lucky enough to get a great spot on the balcony.

There’s nothing better than the sound the crowd makes after each drop and that was a regular occurrence during DJ Boring’s set.  Don’t worry his stage name doesn’t actually reflect his music.

Known for his genre-hopping sets, Blending techno, trance, house, disco, and everything in between, Denis Sulta is a must-see at future events.

It’s not just the sound that Denis has got spot on but the lighting and visuals as well creating a euphoric atmosphere making his sets a night to remember.  If you want to see a DJ that can keep a crowd going until the birds start to sing then Denis Sulta is for you.