To highlight that life happens everyday, IKEA let young couples sneak peak into the future and experience life-changing everyday events in advance.

Hypnotist Justin Tranz goes one step further in his time travel experiment with ikea customers. This time making them believe that they have children. This is a must see, its literally too funny.

“At IKEA, we believe that life happens everyday. That it’s on those seemingly ordinary days the magic happens, when life takes shape and changes, and it’s for those moments we create our products and solutions”, says Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA.

The experiment is about young people living out life’s big moments in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms – rooms that IKEA is paying extra attention to this year, knowing that if everyone can start and end their day in a way that suits them, their everyday will become better as well.

“With the new IKEA catalogue we want to inspire people to look at their home in new ways, especially the bedroom and bathroom – where the everyday begins and ends”, says Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA.