We all know what the word ‘Selfie’ means right? Well according to the Oxford Dictionary ‘Selfie’ means a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Yes the word ‘Selfie’ is an official word and have been for a few years now, however Belfie. Welfie and Helfie… What do they mean?

Well ‘Belfie’ is the new media buzzword that means (selfie of one’s buttocks) while Helfie means (hair selfie) and Welfie… Yep you’ve guessed it, means (work out selfie).

The word ‘Selfie’ hashtag has generated 266,269,983 (on 24th August 2016) photos on instagram alone, and it’s never gonna stop, well, at least not anytime soon. The question is whether Belfie. Welfie and Helfie will have the same effect.

Chances are it will, or then again maybe not… Ask yourself this. Will you start using the words Belfie. Welfie and Helfie in your hashtags? Leave your comments below.

Oh, and here’s a couple of images that represent the words Seflie, Belfie, Welfie and Helfie, just in case you wanted to practise.

Kourtney kardashian's belfie in a leopard print bikini.
Kourtney kardashian’s belfie in a leopard print bikini.
fitness model Michelle Lewin's Welfie
Fitness model Michelle Lewin’s Welfie
Leila Hadioui Helfie
Leila Hadioui Helfie

Images via Instagram