Sennheiser, a leading manufacturer of headphones and microphones for the pro can consumer audio market, recently launched the Inspired by DJs: Day and Night Portrait Series to promote its new Amperior headphones. Based on the popular HD 25 DJ headphone that professional DJs wear the Amperior, with its brushed aluminum finish, designed to take the club sound to the streets.

Top DJs including legendary turntablists, Q-Bert (USA) and DJ Fly (France), as well and British house music producer, Bob Sinclair, and Detroit’s iconic techno artist, Richie Hawin illuminate their lives and inspirations during their Day & Night video interviews and show off the impressive new series of Hi-Fi headphones, Amperior.

The rugged headphones can cope with an extremely high sound pressure level and offer professional level sound. Powerful neodymium magnets provide natural, lifelike sound reproduction with a frequency response of 16 to 22,000 Hertz. The closed design reliably keeps out background noise, while the adjustable headband and low weight ensure a comfortable fit. The ear cups can be rotated for the classic DJ monitoring style: one-sided listening.

The Amperiors draw on Sennheiser’s high performance expertise but with a luxurious, urban style and designed as the perfect companion to mobile devices.

Sennheiser recently ran a competition for fans to hang out with DJ Bob Sinclair check out their time with the super star DJ in the above video.

For more information visit Sennheiser YouTube channel and website.