Sephi Hakubi

‘Once Upon a Space’ is the massive new trance track from the Ravemaker Sephi Hakubi.

Inspired by the feelings of awe and wonder caused by space and stars, ‘Once Upon a Space’ is a dramatic and high paced trance track that creates a racing feeling which inspired its name. Expansive and larger than life, ‘Once Upon a Space’ started out as a learning exercise for Sephi who has been a DJ for 15 years but has only recently started to explore music production. ‘Once Upon a Space’ is carefully constructed to lead up to the massive climax and is a huge achievement for the artist. We can’t wait to hear more!

Release Date: 19th December – Listen here

Sephi Hakubi, is a progressive DJ, multimedia producer, and anime enthusiast from Coral Springs, Florida with a big focus in the Anime Fandom and Electronic Dance Music. He is the founder and Managing Director of HakubiVerse LLC, a Hard Dance and Trance music and otaku-fandom entertainment label focusing on rave culture with Japanese-fandom influences and pioneering a style called “AnimEDM”. Sephi Hakubi strives to make the electronic dance community relevant for fans by formulated his mixing style called AnimEDM, a style of unique sounds and sights primarily influenced from Progressive House, Trance, Eurodance, Hard Dance, and Hardcore music, often with Japanese influences. The mission for Sephi’s AnimEDM style works to create a place of friendship and musical freedom.

You can catch Sephi Hakubi’s live set at the Electronic Gaming Convention on February 26-28th in San Antonio.

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