In the early parts of a relationship, there are always little subconscious tests that come up that can set a tone for the future of the relationship itself. We recently discussed how to make your house relationship ready, but what about the other things that happen when you first start dating…

For example, how you celebrate a birthday or other significant holiday with the person you are dating. Do you want to make the relationship more serious so you make plans just the two of you? Is this a person you can see a future with? Or maybe you just want to keep things cool and fun so you go out and party with a bunch of your mutual friends?

What plans you make to celebrate can show how personal or impersonal you want the day to be spent. Creating special time for just the two of you is a way to build lasting memories and establish a firmer connection. While on the other hand, if you’re not sure if you want things to get that serious, throwing a party or planning a dinner for their special day and inviting friends to share the time with can be a nice middle ground. You are still leaving the door open to a more serious relationship, but not moving too fast and creating more pressure than you are ready for.

Or, if you really are just looking for a casual thing, but still want to make the day special, let them know you want to plan a fun night out and hope to meet up later that night to celebrate with them. This way you come with your friends and they with theirs and there is little or no pressure put on where the relationship is headed.

No matter what plans you make, the gifts you give can all be a good indicator of which road you could be heading for in the future.

What do you want your gift to say about your intentions or feelings? Taking the time to pick out a present for their special day already shows that this is important to you, but depending on what you give and how you give it, you could be sending a variety of messages.

A simple and sweet gift is nice for the early stages of dating. Maybe you’re not too sure how you feel about that person, but you also want to make sure they know that you think of them as more than a friend. These kinds of gifts can fall at different spots on the personal to impersonal scale. Something like a bouquet of flowers from is a nice idea that doesn’t put too much pressure on things. Having the flowers delivered to their place of work or school with a love note attached is taking things up a notch, however, and can really make them feel special in front of family and friends.

A gift that can last for a long term shows that you are really looking for a future with this person. If you weren’t you wouldn’t give them something that will remind them of you for years to come, right? For example, at you can buy a star and name it so they can have it forever. This really shows your commitment to them and you want them to continue thinking of you for a long time.

A creative, homemade gift can also convey a variety of messages. Firstly, you took the time to make something for them, instead of buying it, so that already shows you are sensitive and thoughtful as well as you want the gift to be very personal. A really personal gift, such as a photo book from filled with pictures of favorite memories of the two of you will really send a serious message. On the other hand, you could also give them something not as personal, something that you make for your friends and family too, which would tone things down a bit.

All in all, consider what you want the day to say about your feelings for the relationship. Don’t ever put too much pressure on it, but at the same time, if you just act like it’s any other day, they may feel that you aren’t so into the relationship. Hopefully, these hints can give you a better idea of which direction you want to go in.