How many of us are confident enough to rate ourselves at sex?

Even though many guys would probably like to see the top of their partners’ heads explode, and their eyes roll back, that is likely to be sexual satisfaction too far. If you want to avoid a nasty trip to A and E, here are some of our tips on how you can use your mattress to prevent any nasty injuries.

The injury: torn muscles

Watch out for this one boys – you might think yourself a bit of a Don Juan in the sack but you’ll be regretting it in the morning if you go too hard. Sex can be so enjoyable sometimes that often we forget that it’s also a great form of exercise and can be pretty hard going on those muscles.

The solution: The right mattress can save you all manner of troubles when it comes to going like an athlete – the perfect mattress for sex, in fact, is one that has enough give in it to provide you with a little bounce. Make sure your mattress is supporting you where you need it most, and don’t forget to stretch those muscles afterwards – you partner will be only too happy to give you a sensual rub down post-orgasm.

The problem: head and neck injuries

A steamy lovemaking session can wreak havoc for those with headboards on their beds – just ask Sex and the City’s Carrie. So jackrabbit-esque was her one time lover in the show, that she attended a wedding the next day with her head held down, citing her injury as a ‘sex sprain.’

The solution: If you find yourself lying back and thinking of England, you’ll certainly want a comfortable mattress. Research shows that latex has all the benefits of memory foam without compromising on the vigorous movements a steamy love session requires, so you can really have the best of both worlds.

The problem: chafing

Sadly, doing the deed can’t always be as Hollywood and squeaky clean as Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct – if you’re going to go for it for a long time, chances are, there’s going to be some awkward rubbing in some very uncomfortable places.

The solution: To lessen the chance of this happening, try changing things up and switching positions so there’s not too much pressure on any one area at any given time – make sure you’ve got a mattress which is strong, bouncy and ready for anything.

The problem: broken bones

This one’s restricted to the sexual elite – i.e. those who have bold, risky sex in naughty places. There’s every capacity for lovers to fall out of bed due to a faulty mattress, but for those of you who are daring enough to put chairs on the bed or do it somewhere completely unconventional (say, a flight of stairs) you should be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. Consider padding the floor with a duvet or mattress if you’re going in for some high risk rough and tumble.

The solution: a strong mattress! Anything that is going to take the weight of a chair is less likely to cause you to go falling through it, so make sure you invest in a top of the range, supportive mattress that can take the pressure off you, your partner, and any adventurous props you may require.