sexual taboo

The object of this article is simple. Sexual Taboo: Tell us your kinks, so that others can learn from them.

Sex is always a topic that can leave people queasy, even the more liberated among us, still have trouble discussing sex with others.

It’s even harder, when you try to discuss sex with persons that are not of your persuasion or persons that do not think in the same way as you.

We thought we would leave the comments box below open for all of us to tell us your kinks, in order to help others understand them or simply to give you the freedom of speech when it comes to sexual desires.

Sign into the comments box below and you can of course sign in as ‘anonymous’.

Whether its BDSM or water-sports, what are your kinks? what really turns you on, what makes your heart beat at 100MPH while infusing your body with lust and desire? And more importantly, if you can explain why this makes you feel like this, then maybe others can start to understand their sexual desires too.

Looking forward to reading your comments, be brave, be bold, and most of all be FREE.