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A swinging craze is sweeping across the European continent as sharing the most intimate and erotic moments with a long-term partner has become a new sexy sensation, according to results from a new survey released today.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to have an affair – asked 4907 of its active female members from swinging couples across Europe about their swinging habits.

Couples from France are most likely to swing, with more than a third of married and attached couples living it up in the swinger community. Norway follows just behind France with 31.5% of adventurous couples getting in on the swinging action and just over one-quarter of couples in the Netherlands have enjoyed opening their bedroom door to other couples.


  • France  33.8 %
  • Norway  31.5 %
  • Netherlands   26.8 %
  • Denmark  27.5 %
  • Finland  26.7 %
  • Belgium  25.2 %
  • Ireland  25.0 %
  • Sweden  23.8 %
  • UK  22.2 %
  • Spain   20.2 %

Fiery Spanish lovers are the least likely to let other couples join them in the bedroom, with only one-fifth (20.2%) saying they would welcome the opportunity to share their partner with others.

When it comes to swinging, just over a third of women (30.3%) admitted they love sharing their bedroom with other couples, and surprisingly, they don’t keep it anonymous, saying they are most likely to swing with couples they are already friends with (47.7%). Nearly one-third (27.3%) say they indulge their fantasies with couples they meet online, while almost one-fifth (18.8%) invite couples they have met casually into their bedroom. Just 6.3% like to keep things close to home and will swing with their neighbours.

Women are in charge – more than half the time (54.5%) she will choose who she and her partner will swing with, and only lets him make the choice 7.1% of the time. The other times, they will choose another couple together.

The most important criteria when choosing a couple to swing with is appearance, with 58.2% of women saying this is paramount. Nearly one-third (29.1%) say it’s about sharing and matching sexual expectations. Life standards (8.2%) rarely come into the equation, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer – only 4.5% of female swingers say it’s important to have experience.

The most popular activity of swinging couples is to watch each other have sex – with nearly half the couples (49.0%) agreeing this is the hottest scenario. Just 14% say they will have sex with members of the other couple separately, and just 16% say a foursome is likely to occur.

Women say when they engage in a foursome, they experience mixed feelings: the dominant feeling is jealousy (42.6%) followed closely by feeling horny (36.2%). Only 3.2% admitted to feeling a little nervous. The strongest reaction of their partner was to feel extremely turned on (36.7%) by the experience, followed closely by aggression (31.1%).

While nearly one-quarter of women reported having a perfect experience (23.1%) when swinging, they said thing most likely to go wrong is for the men to get into a fight (33.0%).

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said swinging is a true demonstration of trust, love and liberation between long term couples, and that everyone should try it at least once.

“Europeans are known for their open approach to taking lovers and having affairs, and now we know they also like to share. When couples swing, they are not hiding their wild fantasies from their long term partner – they are involving them, and our members tell us it is almost always a pleasant and satisfying experience,” Mr Vedal said.

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