Join female sexuality experts, Sh! Womenstore in their famous Spanking Erotic Class at Sexpo UK this November.

Sh! Manager and love-ball enthusiast, Renée, spends her days talking about G-spots, P-spots and any other spots found in nether regions. When she is not selling sex toys to the women & couples of Hoxton, she can be found teaching educating the masses in the art of spanking.

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Sh!’s Spanking Erotic class is perfect for singles and couples looking to be more hands on in the bedroom. From tools to technique, Sh!’s experts will gently guide students in the art of sensual spanking whilst fully clothed demonstrations. With a focus on sex appeal and safety, visitors can delight in discovering how and where to spank their partners to achieve different sensations using various different implements such as crops, floggers, paddles and more.

Sh! aim to empower both spanker and spankee to playfully and confidently engage in the wonderful world of spanking through this fun and informal class. Sexpo™ UK visitors will also be given instruction in the art of aftercare so they can ensure their spanking sessions are a sensual success time and time again.

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