Okay….. So anyone who truly loves music will have fallen victim to watching reality TV shows such as MTV’s Making The Band or Breaking From Above and seen the ‘So Called’ struggle of trying to make it in the music industry. I say ‘So Called’ not to discredit the artists, because although these shows feature real artists just like myself trying to achieve their dreams they also have huge TV or record label deals behind them. As well as having a team of experts supporting them for example choreographers, vocal coaches and even if they don’t make the cut they gain HUGE media exposure…. So I ask the question ‘Is this really reality?’

As an up and coming singer/songwriter who has already experienced my fair share of highs and lows in the music industry I have been invited to share with the Flavour readers my personal journey, the truth about both the highs and lows of trying to make it as an artist without all of the perks of a reality TV show.

My Article will feature everything I get up to on my journey, from the high’s of my journey to the lows of my journey as well as all the behind the scenes gossip from the music industry events that I manage to blag myself into…

I introduce you too ‘Keeping it Real’….



Hey guys and dolls, Thanks for returning to read part 5 of my column ‘Keepin it real’.  So after my photo shoot I’m really happy with my images and proud to say I came up with all the looks myself. You can check out some of the finished ones on my Face book page www.facebook.com/ShanieRyanArtist  Don’t forget to give me a little ‘LIKE’ click if you get a moment.

Music over the past few weeks has unfortunately been rather slow. Producers never seem to want to get your tracks finished any time this century and it makes it hard to stay motivated and hussle for more sessions when you never seem to get any finished music back no matter how much you pester the producer. I think due to frustration I’ve stepped off the gas a bit with music lately but I definitely intend to get back in the driving seat again shortly, or maybe it’s that time to get a music manager again?

In an interesting turn of events what has been really positive for me is I was recently offered an opportunity to be a presenter and face for MTV ‘The Wrap Up’. I am so excited by this opportunity and intend to grab it with both hands. I’ve always thought I’d end up a presenter eventually after my music career, but I never once imagined I’d be blessed enough for it to happen so soon and for me to land such an amazing opportunity. It just shows you never know what order your dreams will come true in, so keep dreaming people!




EVENT: Wireless Festival 2012

VENUE: Hyde Park, London.


WHO WAS THERE: Who wasn’t there!!!

DRINKS: Magners Pear & apple cider & plenty of beer!

FOOD: I opted for a rather tasty MOO pie (Beef pie) with mashed potato from one of the backstage VIP tents… I really couldn’t bring myself to eat a festival burger or hot dog!

GOODIE BAG: Not that kinda party!

WHAT HAPPENED??  I was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy all three days of the famous Wireless Festival and got to enjoy all three headline acts DeadMau5, Drake & Rhianna.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on side, day one was gloomy, day two was torrential rain and day three was the mud equivalent of quick sand but it didn’t dampen the spirits of festival goers out front or backstage and what’s a festival without a little rain and mud anyways! The guest hospitality area backstage was full of celebs and socialites. I spotted everyone from the Towie crew to the likes of Katherine Jenkins, David Haye, Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitley wandering around backstage!  I had a great time, especially on the Saturday when I got to enjoy time with my friends out front dancing away to Nicki Minaj and Drake! My stand out performances of the weekend had to go to Jessie J and Rihanna. Jessie’s energy was epic, she even pulled a young fan up on stage to sing Price Tag with her and her live band was incredible. Also in my top two stand out performances was Ri Ri her entire set was like her own arena concert. Her staging and dancers were brilliant and I don’t think there was a single song she left off of her set. She even rocked out in the rain with the crowd rather than performing under the shelter of the stage canopy. I was lucky enough to be stood watching her from the front of the stage and joined by the likes of Rizzle Kicks, Misha B and girl group Stooshe it’s safe to say everyone including other performers at the festival were super hyped for Rihannas performance. It was good to hang out with my friend Wretch 32 backstage and he even braved going out into crowd to watch some of the performances but soon got mobbed and realised it wasn’t such a grand idea after all Lol. But my buddies for most of the weekend were KISS FM’s Ricky and Melvin whom I’ve known for a long time now and had me laughing away the entire weekend! Bring on next years Wireless, I’m excited already!!!



 Smiler (@SmilerMusic)

Highs: I've had some real moments in music such as finding out that the aspiring singer that featured on my rendition of Shirley Bassey's 'Big Spender' went on to have a monster year and turned out to be the world famous Lana Del Rey. 
Not to mention the likes of one of my musical inspiration's Nas, saying my version of his 2011 banger with Damian Marley 'As We Enter' was crazy! 

But, I'd probably have to say my joint 2 ultimate highs during my time in this industry are when I finally realised that my hard graft was paying of when we were approached by Warner Brothers in mid 2011 and offered a recording contract. It was a moment of realisation that dreams can be achieved and also to be privileged enough to work alongside people who believe in and understand you, let alone share the same vision.
Secondly, to have been blessed enough to go on tour with Professor Green and witness what life was like on that higher plateau of performing and see the enthusiastic crowds he was exposed to also hear thousands of supporters chant 'Smiler' was surreal! It further fuelled my fire to succeed and become what I knew I could.be...


Lows: I've experienced just as much lows as highs. For instance being approached for a deal was amazing but the flip side to that is when the emails and phone calls are coming through and you're courting the major labels for months then they turn around and say they're not interested. 
Also, putting your heart and soul into your craft and offering yourself to the public through your music but it doesn't connect... Or live shows when there are minimal people there to see you for what was supposed to be a great turnout. Losing inspiration, feeling jaded and disheartened that the game you've given yourself to isn't giving you the same love back...




Little Nicki (@LittleNickiSays)

Little Nicki was formally one third of Mercury signed girl group Sound Girl. Since there split in November last year Little Nicki at the young age of just 16 years old is already giving the music game her second shot. With a new edgier sound and image Little Nicki’s first solo track ‘Intro Intro’ has already had over 80,000 hits on You Tube!  Check it out below….



As an up & coming artist there isn’t exactly many perks financially so it’s all about the freebies Lol…..

I was recently invited down to the Tresor Paris show room in Hatton Garden to take a look at their latest collection. The collection has some stunning pieces and I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful champagne crystal bracelet & matching earrings. You can get your Tresor Paris jewellery from www.tresorparis.com



@LA_Reid  Failure is only a fact when you give up. Don’t give up #BeEpic

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