Shawn Jermaine

ShawnJermaine, a modern day pop star in the making, has released a bright and bold music video to accompany his single; LifeSize, released in the Summer of last year.

ShawnJermaine realised his musical passion at a young age, performing in several musicals in elementary school. He took his passion to next level in high school, focusing on Musical Theatre whilst training to become a member of a professional dance team.

With aesthetics in the ilk of the flamboyant Prince and Lady Gaga, the video concept is based on ShawnJermaine as a doll. He dances with quirky, robotic movements as he is “manufactured” in the factory before becoming life-sized version of himself. Lifesize is a metaphor for growing up and becoming the person you want to be – unapologetically.

Lifesize is out now on Spotify and iTunes and the video is available on YouTube and Vevo, be sure to follow ShawnJermaine on his Social Medias to not miss his blossoming career.