As old rivalries ignite and new alliances form, the battle for the soul of a community begins anew.

The BBC has unveiled the first-look pictures for the highly anticipated second series of James Graham’s acclaimed drama “Sherwood.” Produced by House Productions, the show gained immense popularity and critical acclaim during its first series, which aired in June 2022, attracting an audience of 7.5 million viewers in the UK.

“Series two of Sherwood promises to delve even deeper into the complex themes that captivated audiences in its initial run. Set in contemporary times, the new season introduces two new families who become entangled with the Sparrows, navigating a labyrinth of local gangs, old rivalries, revenge, and betrayal. A significant subplot involves a newly appointed Sheriff of Nottingham who is fervently opposing a proposed new mine. While the mine offers the prospect of much-needed jobs and prosperity, it also resurrects painful memories of the community’s troubled past.

The cast for the second series includes both new and returning members such as David Morrissey, Monica Dolan, David Harewood, Lorraine Ashbourne, Robert Lindsay, Perry Fitzpatrick, Christine Bottomley, Michael Balogun, and Oliver Huntingdon. James Graham, who wrote all six episodes, will also serve as an executive producer for the series.

Sherwood series two will be available on BBC iPlayer and BBC One later this year.

Images via BBC