If Shift K3Y had another profession apart from producer, singer songwriter he would probably be a butcher in an abattoir because with this latest release the man slaughters production.

His latest ep is so classy that once you listen to it you are propelled into a higher echelon of class (above aristocracy) where you can look down on those lower level scums who work for their money or are on benefits (JOKING)!

This first bit of material from the Off The Record release will see Shift get all rather innovative in terms of promo of the ep. Shift has decided to release material from the project every two weeks until the project is complete and judging by these two tracks I think we are in for something quite special.

There are two tracks and there’s a house/garage flex in the shape of Crying In My Sleep it’s something that feels like that old skool cat Robbie Craig who dropped that classic Women Trouble (2000) brilliant the track features vocals from Andrea Martin.

Got to say though my fav has to be 2 Doors which is a great track that will undoubtedly get mass play on stations like 1Xtra. More importantly I can see the US neo soul crew salivating over this cut like they just spied a Victoria Secret model bending over in a rather revealing g string (stop that!).

Cannot wait for the following releases but I honestly think Shift is going to excel on his rather stellar previous year.