Amber Rose X Missguided slayin hard campaign

Take a look at the latest collab from Missguided featuring the one and only Amber Rose.

The Collection is available now from Missguided with Amber Rose showcasing the ultimate BabePower… Girls Don’t Dress For Boys.

AMber Rose x Missguided

Get ready to SLAY with the new Amber Rose X Missguided collab. The new campaign is an awesome array of hot pink, almost bubble gum like and of course Amber Rose delivers the goods with her curve appeal and badass bitch prowess.

amber rose x missguided campagin
Amber Rose, slayin hard in this boobylicious velvet number

Amber Rose the brand new Babe of Missguided has ultimate curves along with her bold attitude, she’s firmly secured her status as a female entrepreneur and pin-up for babe power like no other. With her confidence, empowering nature and no f*cks given philosophy, she embodies everything it means to be a Babe of Missguided.

Amber Rose in sexy pink body suit
Amber Rose rocks a missguided pink body suit that basically leaves you drooling for more. #BodyGoals

On ultimate style icons, Amber Rose states Slash, Gwen Stefani, Omahyra Mota and Madonna are her go to style icons and on her ambition in life, Amber Rose says,

My passion is women’s rights and equality for all. My ambition is my son Sebastian. I want him to grow up in a better world than I did.

Amber rose in Metallic Silver Dress
Amber rose Slayin on a swing in Metallic Silver Dress

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Watch Amber Rose’s Babe Power Commandments X Missguided


amber rose x missguided

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