STOP! ..and check out this new BANGER from the triple threat emcee/actress/model SHYSTIE!

Produced by Deanyboy and featuring Jalissa on arguably THE catchiest hook of 2014, the piano riff and the big-bass-filled drum beat draws on influences reminiscent of 90’s dance classics, with a nod toward DnB, topped with a refreshing slice of 2014 freshness. ‘Stop’ is the first track to be taken from her forthcoming E.P, ‘Exhalation’, due for release in November 2014.

Sexy Shystie

As one of the most popular, entertaining and original female rappers in the UK, Shystie remains untouchable, in-fact; Shystie remains untouchable across all of the industries she has pursued a career in. From touring with 50 Cent, Basement Jaxx and The Streets. Taking the lead role in the ground-breaking Channel 4 show ‘Dubplate Drama’, as well as the UK feature film ‘Adulthood’. Shystie has also featured in the epitome of all fashion magazines, ‘VOGUE’ and walked the catwalk at both London and New York fashion weeks.

You can pre order Shysties new single – STOP

We where initially thinking of doing a special music feature on Shystie, talking about her new song etc, until we saw the photo above and we then thought scrap that, let’s do a dating feature on her instead. Here are the results.

What’s your ideal first date?

Having the right balance of good conversation mixed with fun, spontaneity and excitement. The guy would definitely have to be funny effortlessly, if he can’t make me laugh and doesn’t have a good sense of humour, that date will end real quick lol.

What are the things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date?

Your dry ex girlfriend.

Who is the last person on earth, you would go on a date with?

An over confident, arrogant guy, with a undeserving big ego who doesn’t believe in chivalry.


What was your biggest misconception with men while you where growing up?

That we give a fuck.

On a bad date, whats your exit strategy?

Ahh I just got a text that a photo shoot has just come through for me to do in the morning, so going to have to cut this short so I can go get things organised, sorry 🙁

Do girls really kiss and tell?

Of course.

What features do you look for in a man?

Has to be tall, like 6ft ish , built, really easily funny, ambitious and successful but also romantic and attentive. Oh and beards, I love beards.

Do you believe in splitting the bill on the first date?

No, but I always make sure I carry money and offer to, because I don’t just expect it. It would probably be our last date though TBH, as I believe guys should, I think it’s gentlemanly. Any guy I’ve dated has never let me pay and they get a bit funny when I’ve offered. So maybe I’m just used to that type of treatment and I’m not going back neither. Don’t get me wrong though, there is and will be times where I think a woman should pay or at least offer as the dating goes on. But first dates? Nah.

Give us 1 do and 1 don’t do on a first date.

1. Don’t smell bad
2. Be funny and genuinely charming

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