Every day over 30 million plastic bottles are dumped into landfill sites in Europe alone.

image002With most magazines headlining ‘I lost 2 stones by drinking water’ and every doctor encouraging us to drink 2 litres of water a day- no wonder why we can’t stop buying plastic water bottles everyday.

image008So, if you’re tired of buying water everyday from your local oyster shop, then fear not as SIGG have the solution.

SIGG has introduced reusable and recyclable bottles for just £12.99.

SIGG states: ‘It’s made from a single piece of pure aluminium. The special, non-toxic protective coating on the interior of the bottles, coined the SIGG ‘EcoCare Liner’, is tested regularly to ensure no leaching – and thus no taste transfer and no smell transfer, no matter what consumers drink.’

Basically that means we can now invest in a bottle that would allow us to refill water whenever we want to and not caring whether the plastic would harm us.

image004Surprise surprise,  it’s already become a phenomenon in the celebrity world and stars such as Jessica Alba, Zac Efron and Jennifer Garner have already been seen sporting the bottle.

SIGG also sponsored five shows at London Fashion Week in September, so if any of you were wondering why were there models carrying water bottles- it wasn’t random, it was fitting in with the ‘eco-fashion’ theme.

Check out the cool collection of bottle designs on

By Nadifa Sheikhey