Simon Howard speaks with James Conci-Mitchell on health and fitness.

With 7 years of service as an officer with the British Army and over a decade of experience training successful professionals in central London, James Conci-Mitchell launched SIX3NINE in 2012. His vision was to recruit a team of highly skilled personal trainers and provide them with a place they could train clients without the obstructions associated with commercial gyms. In 2013 James won professional status as a Muscle Model at the WBFF Las Vegas world championship, proving that he knows just how to get the most out of a physique.

James has a no nonsense approach to training and works with clients who are serious about their goals and are willing to put the work in. He is methodical and motivated, using his experience to get the most out of those he works with. James has also written fitness columns for Esquire Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Runners World, Top Sante, Healthy and Styloko.

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