aerial view of trees in singapore

Do good things really come in small packages? The appeal of Singapore certainly suggests so, with this compact Southeast Asian city-state nestling off the Malay Peninsula’s southern tip and rich in enticing attractions for the discerning tourist.

However, if you are preparing to visit this maritime gem for the first time, here are five strategies you ought to commit to memory first. You don’t want your trip to be spoiled simply because you failed to do your research on Singapore in advance.

Pick the right time of year to visit

When exactly this ‘right’ time is will likely depend, more than anything else, on how you like your weather. As November to January is when Singapore’s monsoon season is underway, it would obviously be advisable for you to avoid visiting during these months if you don’t like rain.

Conversely, the area’s driest months are June, July and August, according to Free Birds — making this particular segment the ideal time to embrace Singapore at its hottest.

Dress for the weather

It’s worth pointing out that, even at its lowest yearly temperatures, Singapore can still be… well, more than a little warm.

Travel writer Jaclynn Seah explains in an article for Culture Trip: “Singapore’s tropical climate means it’s like summer all year round, with temperatures ranging from 26-34 degrees Celsius (about 78-93 degrees Fahrenheit) on average.”

The clear implication here is that, if you bring a coat, you might not find yourself needing to use it very often during your Singapore stay.

photo of a road in singapore

Make the most of the water

This might not initially seem like the most surprising piece of advice for spending time in a coastal city. However, what could surprise you are the water-based opportunities that, for people intent on exploring Singapore, abound even when a beach isn’t strictly involved.

For a start, there’s a swimming pool at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Meanwhile, for reaching Singapore in the first place, you can get the best Cunard cruises where you would be able to enjoy glorious views of the sea and even take a dip in a pool on the ship itself.

Set aside more money than you expect to need

This is good advice because Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive cities. You could be surprised by how pricy things tend to be here even if you have previously embarked on holidays in neighbouring Southeast Asian countries.

One major saving grace for Singapore, however, is that its relatively small size means a lot of your travelling around the city might not rely too heavily on vehicle use.

Tuck into food at the local hawker centres

Yes, Singapore has posh restaurants and hipster cafes, but eating at them can deplete your bank balance to an eye-watering degree.

Fortunately, you can save money by eating at hawker centres in the city instead. These places serve the most authentic Singaporean cuisine — while, for your comfort, coloured placards at each stall rate the hygiene standards from the top grade of A to the lowest of D.

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