Kal Key

Singer/Songwriter Kal Key, hailing from the U.K., has released his EP – LifeTimes – on April 6th. LifeTimes is Kal Key’s first musical endeavour, and he successfully charted in the top ten of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart with it.

Kal Key spent years working on the trading floor with high profile trips around the world, working hard to live ‘the life of a magazine’. Travelling on the tube to work one day he looked around and saw everyone looking exhausted, plugged into their screens desperate to find fulfilment. Realising this was a reflection of his own life, he knew happiness would ultimately come from going deeper and fulfilling his purpose to share feel-good music with meaning and purpose.

And so, the EP Lifetimes was born. The catchy pre-chorus in the opening track Hometown refers to “Grey ghosts walking, free will knocking” – the suit dwellers en route to their city jobs, their faces bleak and worn down. Later he sings “They promised happiness, and the life of a magazine, an empire of emptiness, just another programmed machine”- referencing Kal Key’s past life of having all the material things that promise happiness but never fill that void. After these experiences, he realised he needed to live a life less ordinary.

Kal Key’s debut EP, Lifetimes, is available now on Spotify and Apple Music and features the songs HomeTown, Search, Stand Up, We Gave It All and LifeTimes. He was recently picked by the Prime Minister of India’s exec team to perform for the PM on his state visit to the U.K. at Westminster Central Hall, London. This was broadcast to over 100 million people globally.


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