This Valentine’s day if your plans are to cry your eyes out into a pillow whilst thinking about your ex and their new boo thang, If you’re scrolling through the Instagram pictures of loved up selfies and well presented and perfectly placed gifts in a fit of rage, if you can’t bare to see a love heart, a bunch of flowers or a couple committing PDA and if the word bae makes you physically sick to your stomach, you’re officially worshiping the anti valentine.

Fear not lonely hearts, this year is all about the singletons, make it extra special for that extra special someone, You! Here are some tips on how you can feel on top of the world on, what for some people, can be the loneliest day of the year.

Tip one: Remember you’re not alone
Wether you’ve just broken up with the love of your life or you’re desperately scrolling the pages of tinder to find them be patient and know that love starts with you. It’s time to leave the past and future exactly where they are and focus on the here and now, you’re single, shock horror! I know you might feel like it this day but believe it or not you’re not the only one. It could be worse, on the flip side imagine you were stuck in a volatile relationship that was dragging you down and making you miserable, but you’re not, you have the freedom to shop around and mingle. Get to know that a person is ‘the one’ before making a commitment, you have time to find that special someone who is perfect for you.

Tip two: Know your worth
Ok your New Years resolution has well and truly fell by the way side and you don’t have a date on valentines but that doesn’t mean you have to bury your head in self-pity. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, you are you, and guess what, there is only one of you out of 70 Million people on the planet, you’re a special person so give your self a pat on the back and embrace your uniqueness in every way. Weather it be your smile, your hair, your brain, your sense of humour or that mean dish that you cook so well or all of them combined recognise who you are, appreciate it and realise all the great things about yourself that you bring to the table as a person.

Tip three: Love
Don’t forget that valentine’s day, despite the cheesy cheese fest that we all know it to be, is a day to celebrate love, why not give your family and loved ones a call or a text and let them know just how much they mean to you. Spread the love and most importantly love yourself, that’s the first step to true happiness. Love life, no matter how good or bad things feel for you at the moment, write down all that you are grateful for, whatever that may be and fill your heart with love at the thought of having it.

Tip four: Give yourself a break
Ok so you have no one to buy sexy underwear for and smooch with chocolate covered strawberries but that’s ok, treat yourself, there’s no law that says a punnet of strawberries and a jar of Nutella must be shared! Light up some scented candles and you’re favourite album with a tub full of bubbles, heaven! sing along to some slow jams (I suggest steering clear of the heartbreak selection). Why not treat yourself to a massage? If the pockets are still tight from Christmas ballin’ give yourself one, it’s perfect because no one knows how you like it better than you, ok you might look like a chicken trying to fly as you attempt to reach your back but the rest of your body will thank you, especially if you’ve been working hard to earn back the wedge of cash that you wrapped up, drank and digested at Christmas time.

Tip five: Have fun.
Whatever you do make it fun, your single friends are feeling it too so why not arrange a get together with your peeps, warning avoid talk of ex’s, burning effigies, social media couple bashing and anything that turns the mood sour, keep it upbeat. Get some snacks and a movie, preferably a comedy, year jerkers are strictly off limits! Kick back and enjoy each others accompany. Charades and truth or dare might seem like child’s play but why not give it a try, guaranteed you will have more fun playing with your buddies than you did when you were a per adolescent virgin.

Don’t let one day drag you down and if you feel ready to share your world with that special someone be patient and have faith, who know’s next year you could be the one who’s PDA moments, loved up selfies and Instagram photos of perfectly placed roses from ‘bae’ might be giving someone else involuntary reflux.

By Janiece Myers