Acting TipsFlavour is all about encouraging talent. Whatever your career choice, go hard and give it your all. Have you ever imagined yourself on stage, TV or in a big-screen movie like Shank or Transformers? Read on for some acting tips and you may just end up being the next big thing!

Join an acting class
It sounds like a no-brainer but it really does help. Acting is a craft; sit around waiting to be discovered and it may never happen. Through classes you will gain technical skills, insider know-how and get used to performing in front of a crowd. Your teacher will be able to give you advice on things like getting an agent, auditions and building your confidence. Also your class-mates all have the same goal; they can share their knowledge and experiences with you. And it’s a networking opportunity – someone you meet in class may be able to help you get a role in the future.

Get creative
There can be non-obvious routes towards your big break. Look out for roles in student films, music videos or open casting calls for TV ads. You never know who might be watching. Just ask Eva Mendes – she was an extra in a Will Smith video. Fast forward a few years and she was his
co-star in Hitch!

Lose your inhibitions!
Acting is all about letting go, having fun and getting stuck into a new persona. Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t be fazed if it’s new to you, and don’t get upset if you mess up a line from time to time. We all start somewhere!

Be thick-skinned
It’s tough out there and you may get some no’s but you need to take it on the chin. Anything worth having is never easy and that goes for acting as well. But persevere. There’s nothing more satisfying than your first role, whether it’s as an extra on a pilot show or as a main character in a big movie.

Commit yourself
This career choice needs a lot of dedication so make sure it’s for you. If you’re still at school join the drama club, or get involved with the school play. Out of school? Take a taster acting class, speak to acting students. Once you become a fully-fledged actor you need to be prepared to throw yourself into every project and character 100 per cent!

Nice people finish first
The industry is about helping those you know. A runner on a budget film could become a casting agent or director someday. Don’t be mean if they get you pepperoni pizza when you like beef. Treat everyone well, be respectful and smile!

Words by Mary Bello