Sky Fibre - Virgin Fibre - BT Fibre... The Breakdown

Choosing which broadband fibre provider can be a bit tricky sometimes. Each company has their own special offering making the decision to choose Sky Fibre, Virgin Fibre, BT Fibre even harder.

The good news is that all of the above have great deals for new costumers, so you can make use of their special offers right away.

TOP TIP: Change your fibre broadband provider every 12 months (unless you’ve locked yourself into a longer contract.

So who has the best deals and which fibre provider should I choose? First up let’s look at the offering.

In terms of Fibre and broadband speeds, you will probably find that all of the above providers can offer super-fast broadband packages which can include TV, phone line and even gifts vouchers for spending online.

Virgin Fibre

TOP TIP: If you do not require a phone-line and you only need super-fast broadband then simply opt for the Virgin Media broadband only package

Virgin is currently offering SuperFibre 50 broadband for £32.25 a month for 12 months with a £14.99 activation fee which is added to your first bill (some customers have has this fee wavered when buy this package online. This package is:

  • On average 4x faster than BT and Sky’s regular broadband
  • Great for small households doing loads with 1-4 devices
  • Perfect for superfast streaming and browsing
  • Unlimited downloads – as much data as you need
  • Our fastest ever WiFi hub

But you may want to opt for the The Player Bundle which includes

  • Player TV
  • SuperFibre 50 Broadband
  • Talk Weekends

For only £29 a month for 12 months with a £14.99 activation fee and the phone line is included in the price. Get Virgin Media The Player Bundle now.

Sky Fibre

If you are new to Sky you can get the Sky Fibre broadband package which offers super-fast Sky Fibre with average UK downloads speeds of 34Mb for £20 a month including line rental. £28.99 a month without Sky TV. There is a 25GB monthly usage limit and the package is as follows:

  • £28.99 a month for 18 months Line rental
  • Sky Talk included
  • + one off £19.95 set-up fee
  • 18 month contract

TOP TIP: The Sky Fibre broadband package is a pretty big deal, so you may want to buy it now!

BT Fibre has many offerings, their website is a tad hard to navigate and their options seems endless. You’ll start off by clicking on the Entertainment Starter package for only £3 per month, but then you’ll have to add the Fibre broadband: Infinity 1 for £11 per month, then the monthly line rental off £18.99 per month and a range of One-off costs of Activation fee £60 and Home Hub delivery charge £9.99. And if you love sport, then you will have to add on the BT sport package.

By then time you have clicked through your package, you may find that your basket is far more than you expected. BT does offer super-fast broadband and if you love sports then it may be worth checking out the BT sports packages.

So theres the breakdown of the biggest 3 fibre providers, each have their own benefits and losses, but remember, in order to get the best deals, you will need to keep switching your Fibre BroadBand providers at the end of each contract, it might seem like a bit of a pain, but a few minutes work, switching providers may save you hundreds of £££’s in cash.

Good Luck! Leave a comment below if you found this article helpful, and also note that the prices above are current at the time of publishing this article. We will of course try to keep the prices updated and announce special offers when they are revealed.