As spring draws to a close I thought I would do my last spring time review/how too on the Sleek eyeshadow palette Garden of Eden. This palette was launched by Sleek as part of their spring collection and boasts a whole host of beautiful greens and earthy toned neutrals.

flavourmag palette garden of eden No.1

There are so many different and versatile looks that can be created here are two of mine; the first one is a golden, soft and glamorous look. To create this I used:

Flavourmag Sleek Palette No.2 Gold

  • Gates Of Eden a coppery golden colour on the inner half of the eye
  • I blended this with Forbidden which is a matt mauve colour with gold reflects in it
  • Just above that I used the shimmery Python the darkest of the browns, and placed it on the outer crease line to add extra depth to the eye

With this next look I wanted to use the beautiful strong green eyeshadows.

Flavourmag Sleek Palett No.3 Green eyes copy

  • Firstly I took the colour Flora the deepest Matt brown shadow and blended it threw the crease line, blending it up towards the brow bone to add some depth
  • Next I took the  deep green eyeshadow Tree of Life and patted it onto most of the eyelid avoiding the inner third of the eye
  • Next I took the shimmery minty green Fauna and placed this on the inner third
  • Finally I dabbed a little of the pale lime colour Fig on the very inner corner


This palette is beautiful and right up my street I love warm toned colours, which these are, and greens are quite possibly my fave’!  I think Sleek have assembled a really well thought out collection with colours that truly compliment one and other.  It also has an appealing mix of matt and shimmer shades, and I like the fact that Sleek have mixed things up by adding tiny glitter particles to the matt shadows…. Very interesting. The only thing I don’t like is the amount of fall out some of these shadows have, (I do like my shadows to be on my eyelids not my cheeks after all), but I still think it’s a worthwhile addition to my ever growing collection, and for the price of £7.99 you’re getting 12 different unusual and beautiful eyeshadows to help achieve many glamorous and mother earthly styles.

Sleek_9094_Best Sellers_283432

Written by the effervescent Tilly Li

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