IMG_1808Filling us in on what he is getting up to and where he plans on heading is UK rapper Slickmouth, the mature bachelor who explores the deeper things in life. Soon to be a style icon with a smile that can only be described as contagious, the charismatic Slickmouth is rising to the top.

What do you think people will gain from your new Mixtape ‘Travelling Star?’
Firstly I want people to get an insight into me as an individual – get to know the high points and low points of my journey in this industry so far. As an artist I do have a genuine sense of vulnerability and so when people see this then they’ve pretty much got a soundtrack to the past few years of my life. Most importantly, I want people to be able to connect with certain emotions I convey through certain tracks like ‘Uninspired’…’Good Living’ and ‘My Journal.’ Its a good feeling when I’ve inspired someone else with my music and to know that people can relate to what I’m writing about, getting a positive outlook from my music.

Which track means the most to you and why?
I would have to say most probably ‘Good Living’ and ‘Game don’t change me’. ‘Good Living’ really tapped into my emotions of gratitude for the things that matter most in my life. I’ve progressed from a carefree teenager to a mature bachelor surrounded by friends who see a brighter and bigger plan to life than messing about chasing the ladies. I’ve shown this in ‘Good Living’ which just shows how much I appreciate my family and God who made this journey possible. This song was so therapeutic, I reckon everyone should write a song on what they think is ‘Good Living’ and see what comes to mind!You mention a few artists as your influences, what in particular influenced you about these artists, and have you adopted any of their styles?

You mention a few artists as your influences, what in particular influenced you about these artists? Have you adopted some of their styles?
I have to say Nas, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, you know there’ so many! These guys have originality and fearlessness in challenging themselves. (Laughing) When it comes to my style most people compare me to Lupe Fiasco which is kinds funny! But I guess we do touch on similar subjects that are far from the normal Hip Hop stereotype of ‘flashy cars, girls and money,’ … yeah and I can’t forget we’re both into skateboarding!

What do you think you are personally bringing to the music game that no one else is at the moment?
(Laughing) Hmm…where do I start? I’m bringing a lot of smiles! But truly… I’m a regular guy who likes regular things just bringing my originality to the scene. I don’t profess to be anything but myself, I keep things charismatic with a lot of positivity!

So you’ve got your own clothing label – ‘Universoul.’ Were you involved with most of the designing for ‘Universoul’ Clothing?
Yeah definitely. The whole idea stemmed from my song ‘Universal Soul Music’ and all the images were created by me. I worked with a graphic designer by the name of Jason who put together what I described.

indie couple 3

If you had not chosen to start off a music career would fashion have been the next thing you would have pursued, or do you have other passions?
I write poetry and I am quite passionate about music in general so I probably would have just stuck to writing books…or working in the music industry, maybe as an A&R or just fetching coffee for the guy who’s got the job I want to steal!!

How does ‘Universoul’ show individual characters in various walks of life?
Universoul represents characters from indie kids to street kids to soul brothers and sisters to partygoers who come from various walks of life collectively represented under a Universoul umbrella each showing the other how they live.

Since you began your music career, what has been your most memorable moment?
Getting a long email from a music lover who listened to my music and told me how I changed their perception of Hip Hop music and how I touched their lives through my words…for me that was singularly the most gratifying moment I have encountered.

Describe yourself in three words.
Original. Witty. Inspiring

SOUL BRO GUITARWhat is the one thing about you that your fans would be most shocked to know?
(Laughing) I used to be a girl! Ha! Just kidding! Well I used to have a monkey as a pet once! They’re very smart animals you know!

What would you say is the worst thing you have ever done?
Hmmm… did my Mum put you up to this?! (Laughing) I’ll probably say stealing jewellery from my Mum and selling it…way back in my younger days… and that was very, very BAD!

In 20 years time, what would you like people to say about you and why?
I ask myself this almost every day… I really want people to remember me as someone that inspired souls to do great things even if I personally didn’t get to do the great things. I want people to wake up in the morning and feel better about themselves because of my inspiring music. I’m a big carrier of positive energy… if you don’t believe me schedule a meeting and let’s see who inspires who to smile more!

Words by Melissa Lewars