50-day aged Bulls Head from Rare Breed, Colchester

‘Smiths’ of Smithfield is raising its steaks with a new menu that features 50-days aged ‘Bull Head’ prime cut.

You’ll also find fresh seafood started, spicy chicken mains and most excitingly of all, Smiths of Smithfield have introduced a 50-day aged Bulls Head under their big cuts options, served with chips and sauces.

‘Smiths’ of Smithfield has long been the go-to location for British meat lovers and craft beer lovers alike. Launched on the 17th October, the brand-new Dining Room menu is set to raise the bar even higher for those with a penchant for prime cuts.

This is the very first time that ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield, Farringdon is introducing a 50-day aged Bulls Head from Rare Breed, Colchester. The tender and flavoursome butterflied prime big cut is served with chips and a choice of sauce for two. The incredible, rare breed beef is presented to customers in one of two ways – Cote De Boeuf style, butterflied and ready for consumption or prepped for the customer to carve at the table. 

50 days aged bull head
50-day aged Bulls Head from Rare Breed, Colchester

Even the Starters have been given an Autumnal makeover, with fresh seafood dishes at the helm. Highlights include the house-smoked trout scotch egg, served with horseradish & hollandaise and the Scottish mussels cooked with craft beer, garlic and herbs, served with a cheese scone for dipping.

We recently visited ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield ourselves to sample the new menu and was we must say, it’s pretty awesome. ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield is situated in the heart of Farringdon adjacent to London’s Fabric Night Club and opposite The Smithfield Meat Market. Our visit was on a bustling Friday night which saw, loud music downstairs and what looked like lots and lots of office workers enjoying after work drinks to start off the weekend, almost like a warm up to Fabric.

Luckily the main restaurant is upstairs, away from the hyped-up downstairs and once you arrived at the restaurant upstairs, the noise downstairs is filtered out and become ambient background noise along with the ambient lighting. It’s pretty impressive the way the sounds disperses once you arrive upstairs.

We started off with the goat’s cheese, roast beetroot, pumpkin, toasted walnut salad (v), it’s a delightful start to whet your appetite and prepare you for the main course. It’s big enough to share with your partner however, we would advise getting two starters from the menu and sharing ‘tapas’ style.

Goat’s cheese, roast beetroot, pumpkin, toasted walnut salad
Goat’s cheese, roast beetroot, pumpkin, toasted walnut salad

The staff are on hand to help with any dietary requirements you may have and are also ready to explain the menu to you, should you need it. I personally like going to a restaurant and asking the staff for their recommendations, it adds a touch of spice to ordered from the menu.

We also had the Seared West Coast scallops, carrot puree, beetroot & parsnip crisps which again was delightful. For a restaurant that prides itself on meat, you’d be surprised at how good they are at cooking seafood. Bring your pescatarian friends and they’ll be in for a treat.

Seared West Coast scallops, carrot puree, beetroot & parsnip crisps
Seared West Coast scallops, carrot puree, beetroot & parsnip crisps

Unfortunately, I didn’t opt for the 50-day aged Bulls Head for my main as I was too much for me to handle on my own, so instead, I went for the Cote du boeuf – 28-day aged from Steve Turton, Newton Abbot.

The Cote du boeuf is almost butter like, I’m talking real melt in your mouth type steak. The kind of steak that you do not need a steak knife to cut it with, the kind of steak that even people that do not like the taste of beef, might still appreciate this delicacy.

Cote du boeuf – 28 day aged from Steve Turton, Newton Abbot
Cote du boeuf – 28-day aged from Steve Turton, Newton Abbot

You simply have to try it to appreciate it. Bring your friends and try it together, you simply cannot, NOT love this dish. Cooked to perfection and served with love. You can feel the vibes raising from the tray (or maybe it was just my excitement at the time).

Every dish is presented in an Instagram friendly way and the dishes do taste as good as they look, plus for the veggies amongst us, ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield has prepared a Roasted squash filled with flat mushrooms, artichoke, salsify, cep & peppercorn sauce.

Remember, ‘SMITHS’ of Smithfield has been serving up the best of British free-range meat, butchered in-house, since 2000. With the original venue located in Farringdon, in the heart of London’s iconic Smithfield meat market, the Grade II listed building spans 4 floors, each varying in design, food, drink and atmosphere and was recently voted the coolest British Restaurant at the Cool Venue Awards 2017.

The meat-lovers second site in Cannon Street embraces the Smithfield heritage, bringing the art of butchery into the City with a Café serving up bloody good breakfast & lunch, and their own Dining Room focusing on signature specialities and rare breed big cuts for the table.

The seasonal menus are curated by Exec Chef Tony Moyse who has been with ‘Smiths’ of Smithfield since they opened their doors.

Go to now to find out more and more importantly, to book your table now.