Photo a white kitchen with solid stone centre isle

When you want to add a bit of luxury to your home, you may have some different materials in mind. Within this list could be the use of different types of stones.

This can allow you to create a more natural feel and even make your home a lot easier to clean. Rather than simply imbuing stone in everything you do, you may want to consider how to add some eye-catching features instead. This can help to prevent it from looking overly dramatic, and even allow you to work with a number of different materials and colours.

Within the bathroom

The bathroom may be one of the easier rooms to add stone furnishings to. Something as simple as stone and marble vanity units in each bathroom, WC, or en suite in your home could make it look a lot grander. This can also be a good way of adding storage to the space without taking up a lot of room. Having more upmarket furnishings in your bathroom may help you to feel a greater level of relaxation within the space. They may also be easier to clean and more hardwearing than other materials, especially when you’ve done your research.

Creating a fireplace

Some houses may already have a fireplace which you could then adjust to your liking. Others may not have one at present, but you could choose to create one and add a fake fireplace, or even a television, into the central area. There may be several reasons for using stone marble for your fireplace. Whether genuine or fake, this can be easy to keep free of dust. Those who want to have warm, real fires, particularly in the winter, may also want to ensure that they choose materials for their fireplace that are unlikely to get damaged by excessive heat. Marble can withstand those high temperatures and still look incredibly classy.

Improve your flooring

It isn’t just the furnishings themselves that can be made out of stone. You might also want to think about the floor tiles found in the bathroom, kitchen, or even hallway of your home. Stone can come in a number of beautiful colours, both natural and created. You could also have underfloor heating installed before the tiles go down, so that they don’t feel unpleasant under your feet. Likewise, it may also be useful to consider the exterior of your home, and how stone slabs could be used to create a beautiful patio area. This may make it easier for you to spend time outdoors, or even set up furnishings to relax and eat meals out there.

Stone may be an incredibly old material when it comes to building or decorating things, but that doesn’t mean it is out of fashion. There may be a number of ways you can use stone and marble within your home, from larger projects right down to smaller details or accessories. This could allow your home to look modern and stylish.

Image via Unsplash