Dreams Worth More Than Money is the sophomore album from Meek Mill.


It’s been a mad 2015 for our Meek Mill but the fact that he has Ms pneumatic, Nicki Minaj (congratulations on her BET award) as his very own pillow to snuggle up to at night cannot be bad, right.

Anyway Meek Mill is a huge name in the rap circuit right now and the sophomore album from the Philly emcee drops today on our shores and it’s exactly what you would expect from Meek Mill; hardcore bass, hypnotic street anthems, no holds barred personal story telling and of course features with some of the biggest artists right now. His debut album featured names like Drake, Nas, Wale and Mary J Blige-if that’s not a co-sign then I don’t know what is.

Features on this project; Nicki Minaj (of course) and Chris ‘what you say to me’ Brown get on All Eyes On You, of course Rick ‘I’m incarcerated’ Ross whose his boss at Maybach features on Been That, even P ‘where that hole appear from’ Diddy who has been a little quiet jumps on Cold Hearted.

The entrepreneurial Meek Mill’s latest album will undoubtedly achieve huge figures, probably it will go platinum and Meek Mill will go home every night to have Nicki Minaj massage his back-jealous I am!