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Sorbet Salon review. Sorbet is not just a salon it’s a brand created by South African Ian Fuhr. Sorbet has finally made it’s way to England offering “customer convenience, service excellence and a consistent brand promise” sounds good to me. So I went down to check out the newly opened Muswell Hill salon, of course whilst I was there I just had to try out a treatment.

I opted for a relaxing facial using Dermalogica products and I was seen to by a lovely beauty therapist Kristina. I spent a relaxing hour being pampered and looked after in one of two little treatment rooms. I’m not gonna’ lie I was so relaxed I fell asleep for a while and whilst I was semi conscious I was cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, massaged, I had a colloidal masque applied (whatever that means) and to top it off a brightening serum.

Now you might think how can I be sure all of those things took place as I was fast asleep; for one thing my beauty therapist was fab and for another my face was baby soft afterwards, I couldn’t stop touching my silky skin. I left that room feeling relaxed and super soft.

Sorbet review products

My first impressions of sorbet was that it looks chic and inviting. With all the products neatly displayed around the front/retail side of the shop, you’ll have lots to entice you whilst you wait for a treatment.

Although I don’t think the treatments being offered are anything particularly unique, many salons now use dermalogica, however they do offer some alternative ranges e.g Environ and face peels. The salon it’s self is clean and well presented although the treatment rooms aren’t quite as snazzy as the front of the shop, they are cozy and comfortable and have enough space for the therapist to do her thang. However I did enjoy my treatment and I think the best thing about Sorbet are the beauty therapists having a wealth of knowledge as well as being very intuitive as to a clients needs.

Would I go here again….. based on the fact the location is local to me, yes and based on the beauty therapist that treated me another yes, although I probably wouldn’t travel out of my way to go here. Sorbets best selling point is the people that work for them, who needs glitz and glamour, when you have care and attention.

I would give Sorbet over all 3 stars.

Sorbet salon review

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Written by Tilly Li