Launching on October 24th 2011, with help from some of the UK’s most talented musicians, SOUNDCHECK will be showcasing a number of mini fundraiser concerts with each donating the profits to a different cause. all proceeds will be donated to Oxfam in conjunction with their annual Oxjam month.

A fundraising campaign unlike any other,  SOUNDCHECK  is more than just an event. It’s a beacon; a ray of light which proves that music, has POWER in our world. Power to evoke emotion, power to change ones mind frame, power to open up endless possibilities that aid us in changing the world together.

Live on the night:
Dionne Reid
Josh Osho
Luke Bingham
Amplify Dot
Rufio Summers
Déjà Fate

All these artists in there own calibre bring a new, rich, and powerful meaning to music. The line-up sets this to be an extraordinary event! A fusion of many different sounds all with one outcome! Music can create Change!

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen
2-4 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU

 Time: 7.30pm- 1am

Price: £3.50 in advance from or £5.00 on the door 

More details can be found at: