Oxjam’s Soundcheck event at the end of 2011 saw crowds flock to popular Shoredich venue, the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, to enjoy 12 superb acts (including Josh Osho, Luke Bingham and Dionne Reid) perform for a great cause. Flavour’s Catherine Ababio was there to see what went down – find out exactly why #Soundcheck2012 is a MUST for your social calender this year.

‘Soundcheck – Sounds to Save the World’ on October 24th last year went down amazingly, not only entertaining those who went to watch but by giving back to the community on a large scale. It was part of Oxfam’s month long music festival ‘Oxjam’ which brought together talented musicians and vocalists for charity, all made possible by the collaborative efforts of Q (Qreative) and SpotlyteTV’s Emily Falconer and Tasha Demetriou. When asked why the event held such significance, one of the evenings stand out performers Josh Osho summed it up perfectly, ‘It’s a good way to seamlessly interweave music with a good cause, without making it seem too contrived. Everyone’s here to enjoy some good music and it is just a bonus that it is for charity.’

The night begun with SBTV’s resident disc jockey DJ Melody Kane on hand to provide the beats, alongside host Mo The Comedian who tickled the audience into laughter. Whilst the crowd waited excitedly for the first act South London duo In’sight, to hit the stage, you could already the tell the event was going to be a success.With the guys setting such a high opening standard, the next act Dionne Reid had to make sure she delivered and like a true professional she did, and then some. The young singer/songwriter’s ‘Angel’ stood out as a ode which undoubtedly brought an array of emotions to the surface for listeners, with its immensely relatable lyrics.

Dionne commented before her performance, ‘it’s always important to take time out and
reflect, see what you can do for somebody else’, and with that she led the way for 10 more brilliant acts to give back over the next couple hours. This included one of Universal’s newest signings Luke Bingham, a singer who has proved an early hit with females in particular but who was keen to point out his dedication to showcasing his craft, ‘I like these kinds of performances because they’re intimate, I love to be a part of it’.

Once Deja Fate, Femfel, A.L, Saskilla, KOF, Rufio Summers, A Dot and Encore had also expressed their musical offerings, it was time for the masses to retreat home having fully satisfied their eardrums. Now the Soundcheck team are already in meetings planning for this year, discussing how to create an even bigger spectacle and have been putting their feelers out for people who might want to get involved. The hash tag #Soundcheck2012 has begun to bounce all over Twitter and so if the last event got you going, check it out and get behind the team who wil be making it happen all over again.

Follow the organisers on Twitter to keep up with what’s to come:
@ImCalledQ | @SpotlyteTV | @xoTashaa

Words by Catherine Ababio



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