Katrina1Take a peek at these behind-the-scenes beauty secrets from Katrina Law, star of the sword-and-sandals Bravo series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. So how does she wash all that blood and sand out of her hair? We called Katrina in LA specially so she could divulge…

Can you tell us a about your education and its value for the entertainment industry?
I was a dancer my entire life and wanted to go to college to major in Dance. I changed my major to Marine Biology. I was a Marine Biology Major for a year and found it challenging. The summer of my freshman year I was cast as Cassie in A Chorus Line and I was enchanted. After that I immediately went back to school and changed my major to Theatre.

The best part of my college was it was a small school with a small theatre programme. That meant if you auditioned for a play, you usually got into it on some level. And if you didn’t there were always student-produced plays to participate in. I think the best training for any actor is trial and error. It was a great opportunity to figure out what made me unique as an artist and develop from there.

In the new Spartacus drama you play a slave called Mira. What can we expect?
Spartacus is the story of a Thracian soldier who is captured by Romans and thrust into the arms of slavery as a gladiator. Essentially Spartacus is a story of love, honour, and determination.

Mira is a slave, nevertheless she certainly isn’t one of the more docile or submissive slaves. She has the intelligence to navigate the dangerous waters to keep herself alive and out of trouble.

As for what to expect, all I can say is dim the lights, pop some popcorn and get ready for sex, violence, intrigue, filthy language and colourful expressions. You’ll find yourself so wrapped up in the various characters and plot that you’ll surprise yourself as it hooks you… right when you least expect it.

Did you have to physically prepare for the role?
I am very active in general. I hike, dance, snowboard, mountain climb and scuba dive so I am in good physical condition. When I landed the role I did tighten up a lot on my diet – unfortunately that means I have to cut back on my red velvet cake intake… [my] least favourite part of dieting.

Where would you like to go from here?
To be a happily married, consistently working actress, surrounded by wonderful family and friends, and loving the way that I pay rent.


Style secrets
Hair I tend to stick to shampoos without harsh chemicals. I do like Joico, Bedhead, L’Oréal, and KMS. There are so many great products out there in every price range. I’m half-Asian so my hair is heavy and likes to hang. My good old-fashioned cure for that is those big Velcro curlers.

I am a huge fan of Neutrogena and Ponds. I feel like I have covered the full spectrum of products and at the end of the day I go back to the basics. I also use 30 SPF sunblock every day. Make Up Forever is my favourite. I feel it evens out my skin tone without covering my freckles and I also love their glossy cherry red lipstick. Nars and Stila are also right up there for me – I really like their strong pigments. Bad Gal Mascara is another favourite of mine.

I use general store brands for every day but when I want my skin to shine, I use jojoba oil.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is on Bravo on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Interview by Lea James