Sad times ahead if you are a Spice Girls fan! There are strong rumours that the girl group will be calling it quits for good this time. According to reports, there were plans that the band had plans for a 2014 world tour, but following a conference call the plans have gone out of the window. Sources said that money was to blame, and that they could not afford to be losing money at this time in their career. The source also said the fact that Victoria Beckham would not be joining them also played part:

“They also feared a general apathy from the public if Posh wasn’t in the fray, leading to dates not selling out. Victoria’s obviously a big pull when it comes to the fans and she also guarantees press coverage.”

Nothing has been made official from any members of the band just yet, so there still might be hope for us yet. At least we’ll always have the amazing Olympic closing performance to live on…




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