Spice Lanzarote, Europe’s only all inclusive lifestyle resort had our imaginations running wild, before our visit. To most readers the word ‘lifestyle’ will hardly raise an eyebrow.

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But the lifestyle to which Spice refers is THE LIFESTYLE, which is the term given to sexually liberated people, usually couples, whose relationships are open to the fulfilment of sexually fantasies that more often than not involve a lot more than sex with each other! Spice had been on our radar for a while now, so all that was left to do was to make a trip and see for ourselves.
The objective of Spice Lanzarote which opened in 2010, was to create a private oasis, a safe haven for liberated couples to enjoy a sexually charged atmosphere with warm sunshine all year round without having to cross the Atlantic. Lanzarote has the best climate in Europe, being located nearer the sub-Saharan coast than mainland Europe, it benefits from sunshine all year and is still only a shorthaul flight from most European cities.
Easily put in words right? But what was Spice Lanzarote really like?? That’s the question on everyones lips. First things first. As we landed in Lanzarote and jumped in our taxi to the venue, totally surprised at how close to the airport Spice Lanzarote was. Only a 10 minute drive and we had arrived at the destination.
We landed at night, which was perfect for us, as on arrival we was greeted by a friendly man who signed us in, handed us our welcome drinks, along with a some chocolates and made us feel very welcome indeed. After reading the Rule’s of Spice Lanzarote and signing our room agreements we where off to our room to place our luggage down and get on with the rest of our evening. The rules to Spice are primarily based on the principle that all sexual behaviour is acceptable providing it is legal, consensual and nobody feels under any pressure to participate. To us it sounded like the rules that we should all abide by in life. The difference at Spice is less the rules and more the openness and wild imaginations of Spice and their guests!
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We stayed in the CASCABEL SUITE (We didn’t see the other suites, but the Cascabel suite’s are awesome).
  • Sizeable bedroom with super king size bed and sensual contour body forming support mattress with luxury linen.
  • Dressing room with dressing table, hairdryer, fitted wardrobe and free safety deposit box.
  • Refurbished four piece shower room with branded Spice towels.
  • Private balcony/terrace with table and chairs.
  • Refrigerator stocked daily with a selection of soft drinks, wine, beer & snacks.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Flatscreen TV with adult channel.
  • IPod docking station.
  • Bathrobes, slippers and luxury toiletries.
  • Daily housekeeping service.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Modern furnishings.
  • Free Wifi.
  • All-inclusive board basis.
Our room was nice and clean, the fridge had more drink that we could ever finish and the balcony facing the pool gave a great view of all the activities at Spice Lanzarote. As we arrived late in the evening, the receptionist asked if we would like dinner in the restaurant or in our room. We option for dinner in our room and again we was pleasantly surprised with the food.
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Usually on a late arrival, cold dinner in a room can sometimes consist of a few slices of bread and cheese and a bit of garnish on the side. Spice Lanzarote’s late dinner in the room, blows that to pieces. We are talking Salmon, goats cheese, vegetables, bread, wine, avocado, all presented in style and served on plates made from slate, the choices vary depending on what locally sourced fresh ingredients are available at the time of year.
In our view, bad food can literally ruin a holiday, even if you are someone that isn’t interested in fine cuisine. Spice Lanzarote has great food, hats of to the chef. You will enjoy every last bite of every meal they serve with no complaints.
“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”
― Marilyn Monroe
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Swingers and Libertines. This is a the part you are probably looking forward to read. Everyone, and when we say everyone we literally mean EVERYONE at Spice Lanzarote was nice. Very nice. Lovely people. It’s quite laid back and relaxed. it’s not a 24 hour, non stop, sexy orgy. Nope not in the slightest.
Don’t get us wrong, you have ample opportunity to swing or have sex with your partner on the sun-loungers, the hot tub, the stairs, the out door beds, basically anywhere you like apart from the restaurant and the pool. The pool is not heated like the hot tub, so a cool pool, may not bide so well with male genitalia…
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Its very uncanny, the relaxed feel to the place. If you have never been to a place like this, you probably assume you will be harassed at every moment, but no, its not like that all. Its all friendly, nice and charming couples. Even the slightly older couples where quite charming and nice to speak too. You could literally go there and not swing at all and still have a fantastic time. Whilst there we met couples from Germany, Spain UK, Holland, Italy, Japan, America, Spice really is a cultural experience and well as a sexual one.
The good thing about a place like this, is that there is no pressure to swing at all and whether you swing or not, you will probably have more sex with your partner than you usually have as the environment, will inspire you and keep you horny. Many of the ladies we met stated that the Spice environment was less intimidating than a mainstream resort in that there are no pushy single men. They also commented on the fact that the shedding of clothes created better respect and etiquette than normal and certainly didn’t promote a ‘no holds barred’ scenario!
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If you are the shy type, fear not. The none intrusive animation team will break the ice as they host the foam party (our favourite event of the trip), pole dance classes, fashion shows, water aerobics and more. Its really nice sitting in the sun, drinking all inclusive drinks and enjoying the various views around.
You could see a couple having sex on a lounger, or maybe another couple having sex on the four poster bed’s that face the pool area, or maybe even a foursome of couples playing around. Its surprisingly NOT SHOCKING at all. You actually quickly get used to it, and before you know it, you and your partner how started off shy, somehow seems to be playing with each other too.
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Spice of course is not very representative of the traditional notions of Lanzarote: Brits abroad, boozy stag parties, package holidays, crammed beaches, sunburn and on and on, in fact it is about as far from that as you can get. Having said this it is worth mentioning that Lanzarote, outside of the tourist hubs, is also far from that. In fact most the island is an uninhibited gem, with unspoiled beaches ideal for nude sunbathing and some of the most stunning scenery we have ever seen.
We highly recommend Spice for the sexiest holiday ever, but if your stamina is faltering then take some time out and visit areas such as Famara, a surfers paradise, Graciosa an small island to the north of Lanzarote that is totally unspoiled, only a population of 600 people and not a tarmac road in sight, visit the volcanic regions that are loved by the makers of car commercials, but remember when you return to Spice the parties in the club and playrooms will still be in full swing!