For this event we take inspiration from our Romanian and Bulgarian friends.

1st of March is “Martisoare” day in Romania. Girls receive a present from guys, a martisoare.
In Bulgaria during the month of March there is a tradition to wear a special bracelet called “martiniza”

For this party there will be 200 Martisoare and/or Martinizas to give away as present to the first 400 people to come through the door. (each guest can choose either a Martisoare or Martiniza)

There is a welcome drink for everybody between 7pm and 8pm

Tickets are valid for entry until 9.30pm. Once you are inside you can stay until when the Club closes.

kensington-roof-gardens-1325899108Kensington-Roof-GardensFrom 7pm to 10pm you can mix and mingle. After 10pm there will be an area left for socialising while the Club open its doors to revellers for the night.

Roof Gardens as a venue does not need introductions. Suffice it to say it has his own stream, pink flamingoes, an amazing and extensive terrace.

There will be BBQ and live music during the course of the night.

Book early. These events are Roof Gardens attract hundreds of people and we may be sold out for this particular one.