I am in Love with these fresh spring time nails. Chrome is in, so I thought I would couple this beautiful metallic pale blue with a soft warm pink to welcome in my springtime mood. To create this look I used a very simple and easy to achieve gradient technique, and here’s how I did it.

Flavour MU march 044

Firstly I applied my base coat, Go Ahead And Grow by Morgan Taylor. Followed by two coats of the China Glaze varnish in Pink-ie Promise. I then took the Topshop Nails Polish in Sea Mist and blobbed a small amount of this on some paper, using a clean cosmetic sponge I dipped it in and with a dabbing motion I started at the tip of the nail (where I applied the majority of the Sea Mist), and worked my way up as the amount of my sponge lessened it created this interesting gradient effect.

It is so easy to achieve this look and if your not very good at creating the perfect smile line that we see in the french manicures this is a funky cheats way of creating something similar that intentionally doesn’t have to look “perfect” and it takes no time at all.

Review: Topshop Nails Sea Mist

Flavour MU march 038 copy

I love this look, however I have tried a few chrome polishes and so far I haven’t found one that lasts as long as regular nail varnishes. They have a habit of literally scrapping off when knocked against something. The other draw back is that applying a top coat dulls the metallic shine. With this gradient look I did apply a top coat and I have appeared to have gotten away with it, but be aware that it does, on the hole, reduce the luster unfortunately. As far as the colour of this Topshop Nails Sea Mist goes, I think it’s absolutely divine, It’s of a really good consistency and dazzles the eyes, when I saw this polish on a friend my eye was instantly drawn to it. If you don’t mind the lack of longevity I would recommend this beautiful majestic blue, it is truly captivating.

Flavour 2 MU MARCH 006 copy

China Glaze’s Pink-ie Promise, is something you can’t go wrong with. I have bought many China Glaze polishes over the years and I find they generally have really good consistency. I love this colour it’s a flat looking rosey pink, perfect for everyday.

Give this look a try with endless colour combinations you can enjoy a fresh new style.

Written by Tilly Li

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