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50 years ago Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe came to life which has seen millions across the globe take this little space adventure to their hearts. It’s extremely fitting, that for its 50th anniversary this much beloved franchise delivers a respectable nod to the original crew in Star Trek Beyond.

In fact, Star Trek Beyond, now with its crew fully established and relaxed in their own skin, seems more like a tribute to the original series than either of the first two. With a storyline very much associated with what made this franchise a cult success. The original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, passed in February 2015 and this has been incorporated in such a subtle and very touching manner. That’s not the only honour, in a moment in which if you blinked you would miss it, Sulu’s – played by John Cho – sexuality is also revealed. Again in a very respectful nod to the original Sulu actor, George Takei whilst also connecting with the modern audiences in the LGBT communities.

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is in the midst of his own identity crisis, everything he once thought he wanted he is now questioning as he contemplates leaving the USS Enterprise for a desk job. This latest trip on the USS Enterprise could very well be his last but as he struggles with his decision the Enterprise comes under attack. Whilst under attack from an unknown alien enemy the ship actually breaks up into pieces and leaves the crew split up and scattered across an uncharted alien territory, Altamid – the base of Beyond’s alien villain Krall played by a completely transformed Idris Elba, you may just have trouble believing it really is him. It makes you wonder, as each film unfolds in this new timeline, is Kirk really a decent captain? With the complete destruction of the enterprise this time maybe, we are in need of a new captain?

Star Trek Beyond Interview with Karl Urban and John Cho

With the crew separated into pairings which we are not accustomed to seeing, such as the desolate Kirk with the ball of energy and confident Chekov (Anton Yelchin). It’s this duo that is joined by our kick arse female hero Jaylah played by Sofia Boutella, who in all her wondrous glory completely steals the film from under the noses of this very male dominated cast.

Bones (Karl Urban) is left with Spock (Zachary Quinto), the most unlikely pair who couldn’t be any different if they tried, but through all their bickering Bones is left with the decision to save Spock’s life. Spock, in this outing, seems to have a more vulnerable side on show as well as cracking jokes and laughing to the disbelief of Bones.

Of course, no JJ Abrams and Justin Lin (Fast and Furious Franchise Director) production would be complete without a huge display of high-octane action and graphically explosive battle sequences and we certainly get our fair share. The first battle scene in which see’s the complete destruction of the USS Enterprise seems to last for an eternity, but it’s a feast for the eyes that mesmerizes as does the futuristic set of the multicultural Yorktown.

Simon Pegg’s co-writing skills have taken Star Trek Beyond boldly where we haven’t been before with a more human touch, showing the vulnerability of our much-loved characters while giving that respectful nod to honour those crew members who have sadly fallen and those that are left who started 50 years of space adventure with passion.

Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is out in cinemas 22nd July.

Star Trek Beyond
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