Energy, verve alternative rock, hip-hop with a lead female singer Melissa McAnulty welcome to State Of Play who I like rather like a hot chocolate, with cream and marsh mellows on a rather cold day.

Live music is the way forward and this London trio have been bringing huge portions of live raucous energy in and around the capital.

Here the group come with their third ep and four tracks that leave you suitably energised.

Their single the anthemic Like Paper Planes premiered on Verge Magazine but in terms of the whole ep I am rather partial to the brooding Borderlines which starts off rather sombre and proceeds to build in energy until the powerful climax which even drops in a type of soca bashment feel it works!

It’s great to see an ‘urban act’ (hope I am correct to say that) embracing some alternative rock and making it work.

I am sure they must be awesome live-where will you guys be playing then, where’s my invite?

Verdict State of Play are creating some serious static.