Status London is a new reality based web series that follows the lives of eight ambitious Londoners all on a mission to pursue their goals of achieving success within the entertainment industry, inspiring others along the way.

London – the best city in the world; a melting pot of diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship where everyone is on their grind. Eight entrepreneurs with big dreams are seriously about to raise their game in the entertainment business… It’s about to get super busy!

Status London invites you on a journey into the worlds of its cast members, including one of the UK’s top promoters and DJ, Mr Play, internationally acclaimed DJ Melody Kane, breakfast radio presenter, Jade Avia, Bang radio host Amanda, personal trainer and boxer Seb Eubank, dating coach/matchmaker Siobhan Copland, celebrity makeup artist and photographer Mr Gorgeous and comedian/Actor, Travis Jay. Each episode will take you behind the scenes into the everyday lives of these upcoming public personalities – all who’ve attained a certain degree of success, but are now looking to take things to the next level with bigger and better opportunities. Status London brings you up close and personal with some familiar faces within the industry, ready to share their experiences with you – the real life version.

Curated and produced by Londoners, Status London depicts the modern black British experience of ordinary individuals trying to achieve extraordinary things. The first series explores relatable themes from the meaning of identity, challenging stereotypes, the ups and downs of relationships (personal and professional) and the meaning of ‘status’.

In a city where many come to chase their dreams, only a few are brave enough to give it their all. Watch these eight determined Londoners on their journeys to make it happen. This is Status London.

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Cast Member Profiles

Name: Amanda aka Amanda Star (Bang Radio 103.6 FM)
Lives:  Fulham, South West London
Daily grind: ‘Supernanny’ by day and Radio Presenter & Host by night
Lives by these words….
‘Hey Hey Hey’!
Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile…’
‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose if life is to give it away…’
Loves LDN because… It’s a beautiful city
Success is…. being happy
Big dreams:  A larger than life personality who ‘loves to laugh and make people laugh’, Amanda is working towards becoming a TV presenter. Behind her big laugh is an even bigger heart and the super nanny hopes to give back by organising charity events in Ghana.

Name: Jade Avia
Lives: Tottenham, North London
Daily grind: Radio Presenter / DJ (please do not mention CapitalXtra)
Success is…. happiness
Lives by these words…
“Never Put Off Till Tomorrow, Something You Can Do Today”
“Positive Mental Attitude”
“Believe and you Will Achieve”
Loves LDN because… It’s full of opportunities!
Big dreams: More than just a pretty face, this brave young go-getter moved from Gloucester to London to pursue her dreams and hasn’t looked back since… Now you can hear her every weekday morning on one of the UK’s most popular radio stations or see her jammin behind some decks at a gig.  One day though, the big-hair beauty wants to own her own business,  a media training academy for girls, to be precise….oh, and a fashion line.

Name: Melody Kane
Lives: Streatham
Daily grind: DJ (Nike Town, Nandos, Supermalt and SB TV)
Success is… Everything.
Lives by these words… “Catch flights not feelings” &  “Wake up happy!”
Loves LDN because…”It’s making my dreams come true”
Big dreams: Known for killin’ it wherever she plays, DJ Melody Kane is a formidable force  – you’d never guess she had a normal full time job! Bored stiff, Melody ditched her day job and picked up DJing skills after a trip to Atlanta.  She then moved to London where she began chasing her dreams and now it takes her all around the world!

Name: Mr Gorgeous
Lives: Crystal Palace, South London
Daily grind: Make-up Artist, Photographer & Motivational Speaker
Success is…. being happy with my partner and family
Lives by these words… Gorgeous!
Loves LDN because… ”it’s gorgeous!”
Big dreams: This gorgeous man is super busy! There wasn’t enough space above (daily grind), but he’s also a project manager, club promoter and teaches sex education.  This multi-skilled entrepreneur plans to put all his talents together, somehow.

Name: Mr Play
Lives: Brixton
Daily grind: One of the UK’s best Promoters / DJs and a radio host (Bang Radio 103.6 FM)
Success is…. Being happy
Lives by these words… “Work hard,PLAY harder”
Loves LDN because… It’s London!
Big dreams: Already a powerhouse in the world of promotion, Mr Play is on a mission to become a global icon, connecting people in the entertainment industry. He wants be the number  one go-to guy when it comes to making things happen between the UK and US, eventually branching out into Europe and Africa.

Name / Known as:  Sebastian Eubank
Lives: Streatham, South London
Occupation / Daily grind: Personal Trainer & Boxer with hidden talents!
Success is… A journey.
Lives by these words…
“Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility.”
“I’m not a showoff, I’m a showman. Its never done to upset its always done to excite.”
Loves LDN because… Opportunity presents itself around every corner and I meet so many different personalities who are all on their separate journey of success.
Big dreams: This fitness professional’s ultimate goal is to become olympic and world champion boxer. As a musical, conscious lyricist he’s vowed to take HipHop back to its authentic roots and help as many people as he can along the way.

Name: Siobhan Copland
Lives: Wanstead, East London
Daily grind: Dating Coach, Matchmaker & Radio Personality
Success is…. Liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
Lives by these words: Choose love over fear. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Life is too short to do anything but what you love
Loves LDN because… It’s so diverse with so much going on. You can never see it all.
Big dreams: This lovely lady is as ambitious as they come, but says her main dream is to grow old knowing that she’s made a positive difference and brought happiness to people’s lives – and to earn enough money to have the freedom to enjoy her own!

Name: Travis Jay
Lives: Kilburn, North West london
Daily grind: Comedian and Actor
Success is…. ”What dreams are made of, it’s all I think about. It’s the only option.”
Lives by these words… ”Composure at all costs”
Loves LDN because… It’s such a random blend of people that create this society, and more importantly; you can get a Kebab up to as late as 4am.
Big dreams: This funny man is serious about reaching amazing heights with his comedy career. He aspires to achieve success like Russell Peters – touring arenas across the world; but also hope to have a similar effect in the world of acting. Jamie Foxx is his career idol in terms of consistency with his versatility. All of these things are possible, he doesn’t even consider them to be dreams; he call them plans.