Classical pianist Stephen Marquiss is set to release his stunning new EP ‘Joshua’s Fire’ on October 10th 2016. Joshua’s Fire is a visual concept with a video to accompany each of the seven tracks featured on the EP.

Classically trained at Wells Cathedral School and then Cambridge University, Stephen Marquiss further studied in New York, developing his unique approach to piano technique. His unorthodox approach to classical music has helped spearhead the internationally known Frome Festival. Marquiss has spent the past decade developing his craft and transforming his music into beautiful masterpieces, exemplified by the latest EP ‘Joshua’s Fire’.

giffgaff-free-simThe EP, which was recorded on the Bosendorfer Imperial SE reproducing piano, was first recorded during Marquiss’ early years of his career, however was only finished recently after a journey of artistic revelations.  ‘You just feel ‘pregnant’ with the music…and my journey to effortless, expressive piano playing through my approach, Piano Portals, just kind of gave birth to some new music’ Marquiss mentions.

Joshua’s Fire is available from October 10th on all major media providers.