Quality control is a tricky issue, we agree. Here at Lovestruck.com, we want everyone to find a relationship that really works for them but we know how easy it is to say no at the first sign of an annoying cackle, mention of a high-maintenance mother or the fact he or she isn’t a concert pianist/Michelin-starred chef/Olympic athlete (delete as appropriate).

Chances are if you are this picky person you may have very easily dismissed the boy or girl of your dreams without giving them a second glance or kicked a lovely potential date to the curb before you’ve even given it a proper go or allowed them to explain their weird obsession with cats/Star Wars/CandyCrush. Remember peeps: no one is perfect. Settling for less is not OK but compromising and giving more potential partners a chance is.

Here are top signs that tell you are you’re too picky:

1. Your friends tell you

Whether your bum really does look too big in that dress, or you need to shave off your fuzzy beard, your nearest and dearest will always tell you how it is. If they mutter those fateful words: “You need to be more open-minded”, it’s quite simple; you do.

2. You judge completely on looks

We know how important it is to feel some physical attraction when it comes to falling for someone – and who doesn’t love a firm six-pack or pretty mouth – but chemistry isn’t always about the way someone looks. Don’t fall victim to sentences like “I only go for blondes” or “he’s not tall enough”.

3. Your list is too long

If someone asks you what you are looking for and an hour later you are still telling them, then this point applies to you. Everyone is allowed to have a list of things they want to find but be willing to negotiate. Important stuff like “he or she must make me happy” should be right at the top, whereas “he or she must be able to cook a mean Sunday Roast with homemade Yorkshire pud” is not all that important. Look at your criteria and rearrange it.

4. The last time you went on a date was circa 2008

If you are looking to meet someone don’t turn down dates unless you are 100 per cent convinced this person isn’t for you. Just because you don’t like the sound of their IT job, or the fact she is wearing a girly headband doesn’t mean they won’t be the one you’ve been looking for.

5. You have unrealistic expectations

Do you dismiss a man as soon as he doesn’t buy you flowers, or a girl if she is a few minutes late for your date? Sometimes people want their date to fail and the night is doomed from the start. Ask yourself if this is you.

6. You’ve dumped people for stupid stuff

Ask yourself if you have ended a romance because of something silly like the fact he snored in his sleep (erm, he was asleep!) or she spent too long shopping when you were out together one time. This is a surefire sign you need to relax and give your partners more of a chance.

7. You like to play games

Ever given someone your number then rejected them because they called too quickly? Not everyone likes to play games and actually it pretty refreshing not to have to think about it. Take this as a good sign rather than a bad one.

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