As a student, packing up all your possessions and transporting them back home every summer is a real chore.

Dragging suitcases and bin liners full of dirty clothes on to a train or into the back of car is hard enough, but what about those duvets and pillows, computers, TVs, posters etc?

And what about the house you’re moving into? Have you checked out the property thoroughly? Has your landlord got a deposit scheme? Most importantly is there any phone signal!?

These dilemmas and worries have become something of a ritual for thousands of students and is the reason why Kelly’s Mobile Self Storage decided to intervene!

The storage specialists looked into the main problems facing students moving accommodation over the summer break. Using this data they put together an infographic filled with tips and tricks to make the moving process as easy as possible.

It also features some solid advice from experts. For example…

– You should think carefully about what you need during the holidays, you don’t want to be desperately searching through boxes in August for a particular pair of shoes!

– When looking for a new house, ask the current tenants if there is anything you should know about, knowing how good the water pressure is in the shower is very important.

– Make sure to highlight any concerns about your new property with the landlord.

Student Summer Storage | Kelly Store

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