Hopefully the students amongst our readers have settled back into their studies seamlessly after a long summer break and for the Freshers amongst you don’t worry- Flavour has your back! Over the next couple of weeks we will be bringing you several instalments of our ‘Student Survival Guide’ ensuring you are suitably prepared for the next 3 or 4 years! The first edition is perfectly timed as your ‘Freshers Flu’ should just be about drawing to an end as we look at the tedious (but absolutely vital) task of ensuring your laptop and all its files are regularly backed up!  Many of you will be away from home and all your memories, photos, videos and music are likely to be stored in your laptop, as well as the slightly less important assignment you have been working on – so what happens if you spill your Vodka and Redbull on the laptop during a party? Or if you drop it carrying it to class and it is broken beyond repair?

Our first piece of valuable advice is GET AN EXTERNAL HARD-DRIVE and back up regularly! I myself have fell victim to this schoolboy error (and its time to cut those out as your at uni now!) when my mate decided my laptop would make an ideal glass for his beer and I subsequently lost around 12000 songs as well as all of my pictures! An external hard-drive will ensure if the worst was to happen, all of your precious files and folders are safe and just a USB plug away from being restored on your new laptop!

Flavour Recommends: WD My Passport Slim 

wdfMP_Slim_BALThe WD My Passport Slim (as it’s name suggests) is slimmer than your traditional hard-drive and it’s sleek metallic look means it is not out of place in any university halls! It’s small size and included carry pouch ensures it is easy to take to and from class without any fuss.  The hard-drive allows users to back up their My Passport Slim and keep an extra copy in their drop-box account to add even more protection to your valuable files and the super-fast USB 3.0 ensures your not waiting around for hours when carrying out your first back-up… which means more time down the Student Union!


Flavour Recommends: Seagate Slim Drive

The Seagate Slim Drive is ideal for those who want a portable hard drive which is easy to carry around. The hard drive is not much thicker than an iPhone and fits in your pocket with ease.  The Seagate Slim allows a one click back-up and the user can also set up timed regular back-ups. It boasts USB 3.0 which ensures a fast back up whilst it’s stylish look adds extra appeal.