Online degree

Some have to travel across the country to get to university. Some have to catch a bus to campus. Some have the fortune of ‘rolling out of bed’ to get to their lectures. But what if you didn’t even need to get out of bed in the first place…

Online degrees are fast becoming extremely popular in the UK.

Taking a degree from your computer screen is not only practical, but can save a lot of money whilst still receiving a top education and qualification upon completion.

What is distance learning?

This unique method of education, termed ‘distance learning’, allows someone with an already hefty workload an opportunity to acquire new skills whilst maintaining their other commitments. The accessibility factor is huge.

Distance learning courses primarily cater towards vocational courses, including a whole host in the category of Business; FdA Management, BA Management and MA Leadership and Management.

The rising tide of online learning

Universities such as Anglia Ruskin offer students a wide range of different avenues which they can choose to go down.

The New York Times stated that “The number of job candidates with online bachelor’s degrees has rapidly increased in recent years.” They continue, “At the same time, acceptance of the degrees by employers is becoming more common.”

Technology began its takeover long ago, and has completely revamped the education process, from Key Stage One to A Level.

However, it now seems to have gone one step further. The Financial Times has said that “online education is coming of age” and also goes on to suggest that UK universities use this as a tool to attract foreign business when enrolling.

Advances of tech versus the uni lifestyle

On the other hand, the online degree does have its downfalls. Many will point to the social aspect of university as the thing they remember the most.

A lack of societies, trips to the horrible union pub and general exam stress comradery are aspects of university life that only the people on campus understand.

There are certain elements of university life that many would want to avoid. Constant worry over money and that dodgy overdraft, falling out with the person you’re living with next year and the monopoly that is university life itself.

Online degrees work in tandem with the constant advancement in technology. A business degree online opens a whole new world for those with the guts to explore it.

Who knows what will end up online next…