Aged just 23 is when a woman starts to appreciate what her mother did for her, a new research from Lil-Lets has found. The study commissioned as part of their Becoming a Teen campaign, discovered that a quarter of women found their teenage years filled with misery. Each year, the average teenage girl has 183 rows with her mother, 123 bouts of tears over boys and 257 fights with their fellow siblings.

It’s now pretty clear to see why those youthful years for many were truly an testing time. The study, which questioned a quarter of women about their relationship with their mothers, also found that rows over bedroom chores, answering back and dating boys were among the twenty issues to occur between mum and daughter.

But regardless of the door slams and explosive bust-ups, three quarters of women are grateful to their mum for the way they were raised, even if they failed to realise it at the time. Mary Young, Head of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said: “The relationship between mum and daughter can be testing during the teenage years but it’s clear that when a woman reaches her early twenties she appreciates her mum more than ever.”

As part of the Lil-Lets’ Becoming a Teen campaign, pop star Amelia Lily, olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle and TOWIE co-stars Sam and Billie Faiers revisited their childhood, and revealed what it was like for them to really become teenagers. They are just a few of the ambassadors using their status to reassure and educate young girls on the issues affecting them daily. Click above to hear more on what Beth, Amelia, Sam and Billie had to say about their transformation from kidulthood into adulthood, including their first crushes and developing late.

Former X Factor runner-up, Amelia, who is gearing up to release her debut album ‘Be A Fighter’, also told Lil-Lets how she coped with the changes to her body when she started puberty. “I was 8-years old when I discovered my little breasts…I found it quite funny when I talk about it now,” says the 18-year-old. Watch Amelia’s revealing interview in full below.

Top 10 rows between mums and teenage daughters:

1. Tidiness of bedroom
2. Answering back
3. Relationship with siblings
4. Relationships with boys
5. Staying out too late
6. The way I dressed
7. Attitude to school work
8. Money
9. Manners
10.Use of bad language