While the gorgeous, glamorous and outrageous outfits worn by models on runways around the world are certifiably lust-worthy, not all of them work in the real world. We are much more interested in what you are wearing, so Flavour hits the streets around Spitalfields Market to find what HOT looks you’re rocking!

Kay Rocka, self-confessed former punk rocker, developed his look from a combined love of music and fashion. From his jeans (H&M) and trainers (Puma) to his own custom-made Bob Marley waistcoat (Organik Rocka) and beads from Vietnam, he mixes a little urban edge with hard metal… it’s hard to believe he gets his style inspiration from his mother. ‘She used to dress me, how could I not be inspired by her?’











Accessories stall owner Sacha (below) knows a thing or two about fashion. Having studied at Central St Martins, she now custom makes her own accessories. ‘I started making my own bags because I could never find any I liked.’ Taking advantage of the unseasonably good weather, here she teams a soft, loose cardigan (Primark) with the bright oranges and colours of a custom-made jumpsuit (Nicole, Spitalfields Market), and a pair of sandals (Tod’s). Sacha’s afro-centric-chic is contrasted and alleviated by her ‘storm trooper’ earrings by Crimson King.









Although Syma (far left) doesn’t consider anyone her style influence, she still manages to pick up on last summer’s hottest look, the maxi skirt. And so much so that she has this maxi jersey skirt (Warehouse) in three different colours! ‘I’m not really fashionable, but I’m really into the feminine look.’ Paired with a preppy blazer (French Connection) and ballerina pumps, complemented with cultural accessories (necklace from Dubai and bracelet from South Africa), this is effortlessly accomplished.









The pixie (cropped hairstyle) is forever an iconic look, from 60s Twiggy to Mia Farrow and Peter Pan… Teresa’s (left) pixie cut was inspired by the Disney cartoon – and she even has the boots (Vintage) to match. ‘Everything I’m wearing today is vintage! I don’t really have a style icon so I just find different things to thrown on.’ Teresa’s also vintage jumper (from Roman Road) is paired with a simple black dress (from a Leeds charity shop), a leather rucksack (also vintage), along with jewellery and accessories that come from her grandmother.













Style blogger Lorena (right) considers her favourite style icons to be Kate Moss and Spanish stylist Gala Gonzalez, and to be close friends with Prince Pelayo. Here Lorena wears a black knitted crop jumper (from Portobello Market), with a loosely pleated maxi skirt (Bershka), boots (Pull and Bear) and anchor necklace (Topshop), perfect for achieving effortlessly laid-back casual daytime chic.











We couldn’t help but notice Byron (left) as he strutted his stuff across Spitalfields Market, head to toe in black leather, white shirt and cowboy hat (all from Vintage clothing outlets). As a dance martial arts tutor, Byron says, ‘I’ve always had a certain style that I guess I’ve collected over the years. I don’t like to take inspiration from anyone else, we’re all individuals.’ Well said






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