It’s cold out, but this gorgeous couple look cosy as they cuddle in busy central London. Helen, from Yorkshire, wears a black jacket and camel colour sweater from Zara, with a Patrick Cox brown bag and vintage boots. Tom, from Wales, wears a navy jumper and grey trousers both from Gap and a grey coat from All Saints. After being together for several years, Tom still believes that Helen ‘looks great in everything’. Awww!













Natasha and Boyfriend have been together a year and consider their style to be pretty similar. She wears a multicoloured cardigan from Anna Sui, a rabbit fur scarf (a gift from mother), All Saints boots, plus a bag and a faux-fur turquoise scarf from Topshop – but has he made a fashion faux pas…? ‘We normally have great style, but I don’t like what he’s wearing today.’ His outfit is all vintage, with Red Wing shoes.












Here for only three days, Valeria and Leonardo from Italy make quite an impression and appear to have packed well. She wears a black scarf from India, Boots from Dogstep (an Italian brand) and a very warm jacket from Belgium, while all of his items are from Italy – well, when you come from the land of ultimate style…














Charlie and Leon (bottom right) have been together six years. She wears a cream hooded Superdry jumper, black boots from Clarks and a black leather jacket bought online and a tan bag from Nine West. He wears a black G-Star T-shirt, jeans from Bench, work shoes from Azor and a blazer. ‘I buy most of Leon’s clothes, so that’s probably why I like them so much!’














Together four years, our Lovely Couple (bottom middle) are out enjoying the crisp weather. He wears classic Levi’s jeans, shelltoe Adidas trainers, grey jacket from Topman and burgundy jumper from H&M. She wears classic Converse, jeans and coat, both from Topshop. ‘What we like about each other’s style is we dress the same – it’s lucky we don’t have the same outfit on, it’s been known to happen!’




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