Moss bros prom suit photo

With prom season closing in, it’s time to start picking out some choice threads to make sure you’re looking razor-sharp, whatever your style. If you’re single, you might also want to start thinking about a date too, before some other chap beats you to it.

We can’t help you so much on that front, but we can offer you some style tips so you look the part from top to toe. Hate wearing suits? Don’t worry, we know how you can get away with it. Fancy a tux, but don’t want to look stiff and formal? We’ve got your back, too.

Whatever your prerogative, we’ll have you looking slick and prepped for the endless photo-calls on the night.

Moss bros prom suit

Be the king of causal

If you’re all about box fresh sneakers and snapbacks, and suits are strictly for weddings, funerals or interviews, then you might want to give the traditional three-piece a wide-berth. Try pairing some skinny, jet-black jeans with a matching black t-shirt, with your favourite pair of sneakers. Black or white, it doesn’t really matter just so long as they’re clean as a whistle.

Pairing this look with an ultra-smart blazer gives your outfit an edge that’s perfect for an informal prom look. Colour wise, try a deep burgundy, or even gold – and for a subtle touch of class, pick one out with a sleek satin lapel.

Sotos Georgalli, Brand and Creative Director at Moss Bros, offers his advice: “Prom’s your night to show up and stand out. Your look should be all about you, and nobody else.

“Feeling rebellious? The rules are there to be broken – make sure you stand out by combining different jackets and trousers and throw a t-shirt or your favourite kicks into the mix. If you’re all about the trends, don’t let prom make you feel you have to conform.”

How to look the rugged rebel

Blend the old with the new by opting for a nifty grey textured two-piece suit, and pairing it up with a classic, crisp white shirt and silk tie. Accessorise with a fetching pair of skinny braces, and complete it with some dark brown brogues, going sock free for a modern twist on the Peaky Blinders look.

Unsure which cut to go with? Moss Bros look at the finer details of skinny, slim, tailored and regular fits to help pick out a cut that suits your body shape and style.

Moss Bros suit

Oh, you handsome devil

If it’s a case of go tux or go home, then there are still several ways to give an old-school look a pop of personality to ensure you stand out from the inevitable sea of Bond clones. You can switch it up from the get-go by opting for a navy-blue tux, and paired with some super-shiny patent shoes.

Socks are optional with this look, but if you are going to wear them, try out a bold pair that will give your look a flash of colour. Top this off with a matching silk handkerchief and some eye-catching cufflinks to finish off your dapper look.

Whichever look you rock, if you rock it right you’ll be all right on the night. Now, time to go work on that ‘promposal’.