Although you may love your heels, constantly putting your feet under such stress can be hard and exhausting.

Bring in the comfort of the sneaker! Sneakers are the ultimate street style shoes of choice. They are comfortable and can be put with almost any outfit to create a casual, yet trendy look worthy of a celebrity stylist. Think high-tops, slip-on, lace-ups, and even wedges. Sneakers can be as versatile as a plain white tee. The trick comes in making sure your sneaker look is polished and not too dishevelled. Here are a few tips to think about when choosing the best outfit to match with your sneakers.

Dress it up

Sneakers don’t have to just be for the gym! Dress up your sneakers with more lady-like pieces like dresses, or skirts. Don’t want to look too frilly and girly in your dress? Bring in the sneaker to balance your outfit out! The sneakers and skirt/dress combo is incredibly fun and flirty. It allows you to be comfortable, but still cute! Sneakers freshen up the classic sundress look and give it a spin. Try a simple colour in a low-rise slip-on style like Vans or Converse.

Go all sporty

Feeling a more laid-back look today? Try a sneaker that’s trendy, yet not ones you’d necessarily wear to the gym. Brands make so many types now that you can find one that’s more street style than gym style. Wear it with slouchy boyfriend jeans and a blown out t-shirt. Add a bit of flare by pairing the outfit with a tailored jacket, or edgy oversized bag.

Balancing act

Not sure which direction you want to head in the dress or baggy spectrum? Find the balance with leggings. Leggings add a bit more femininity, while the sneakers play it down. Keep it balanced by adding a two patterned jacket and beanie. The look is just that little bit edgy, yet still comfortable. It leaves just a little bit to the imagination by showing a touch of ankle! Don’t ever underestimate the power of a peeping ankle!

Black out

Go for bold by matching an all-black outfit with a bright pair of sneakers. Choose a more daring colour than the typical black, or white sneaker. A pop of colour in an otherwise simple and subdued outfit adds just that extra spark and will get people to notice.

Not all sneakers are created equal. Each is made for different purposes. Gym shoes are not for street style, and the best street style sneaks probably won’t have you running miles at the gym! Find the sneakers that can go with anything, and let’s be honest, once you find them, you’ll be glad you did! If you think about it, most of the stuff in your closet will match your street style sneaks anyway, so don’t fret! Just find what works for you and own it. Looking at some blogs, such as Universal, might help you find your flavour.